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Workshops for parents have been a commitment of Behave Your Best since we started in 2011. To reach as many parents as possible, we have recorded several of our most popular workshops. Each video comes unlimited access for 90 days for $19.

Pretend You Are a Light Switch!®

Children aren’t born with all of the skills necessary to successfully interact with the world. So we can expect that they will display unwanted behaviors as they attempt to figure it all out. This technique controls for brain development in that we teach you WHEN to teach your child “the lesson.” The “light switch” also controls for the common behavioral reasons unwanted patterns of behavior continue, namely attention and avoidance. We teach you how to react in a way such that you don’t inadvertently reinforce the behavior in your response by either giving attention or allowing the child to delay, avoid, or escape your expectations.

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The Ins and Outs of Toilet Training

In this workshop, we will first briefly review the literature regarding toilet training norms, as well as the literature on evidence-based approaches to potty training. We will discuss readiness criteria. We will then review the key components of our rapid approach to toilet training, which is individualized to meet the child’s unique needs and experiences, yet flexible enough to be adapted to the group child care setting. Unlike traditional methods of toilet training, our approach focuses on teaching a child to initiate the use of the toilet so as to prevent dependence on an adult reminded the child to use the potty. Our goal is for parents to leave this workshop feeling empowered to successfully teach their child to use the toilet.

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The Kit will include 5 components:

  1. Toilet Training Progress Log – Use this to collect baseline information to guide your first steps. Use your child’s data to make decisions about next steps throughout the toilet training process.
  2. Why Should I Use Reinforcement? – You’ll learn why toilet training is one skill that we recommend an artificial system of reinforcement temporarily to teach the new skill
  3. Guide to Wise and Efficient Use of Reinforcement – You’ll learn how reinforcement is carefully applied to ever-changing behavioral criteria (i.e., baby steps) in order to prevent dependency on or expectation of reinforcement.
  4. Top 4 Toilet Training Baby Steps – Every child we have supported to use the toilet has mastered these 4 steps at some point or another. Use this guide to identify where to start with your child.
  5. How to Gradually Fade Reinforcement – Now that your child has mastered toilet training, we recommend you gradually eliminate any extra reinforcement you added to teach the skill.Get your FREE Toilet Training Get Started Kit!

Solve Your Child’s Sleep Disruptions! © 

Developing healthy sleep habits in our children is essential for cognitive development, mood regulation, attention and behavior, health, and overall quality of life for children and their family members. Research has shown that first-time parents who receive education regarding sleep before the child is 3 months of age, report fewer challenges with sleep than those that did not receive education (Adair, Zuckerman, Bauchner, Philipp, & Levenson, 1992; Kerr, Jowett, & Smith, 1996; Wolfson, Futterman, & Lacks, 1992). In this class, we will review the literature regarding pediatric sleep and sleep norms, including common challenges parents report, strategies to promote healthy sleep habits without compromising your parenting philosophy, values, or instincts. We will also describe empirically-supported sleep interventions to address common challenges.

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Teach Your Child to Listen the FIRST Time!

This is our most popular workshop! A common concern parents report with young children is that their child doesn’t listen. This workshop reviews why children do not listen and how we can teach them to do so most of the time. You will leave with a clear plan to improve your child’s listening skills. It is recommended that you watch or attend the “Light Switch” workshop prior to attending this workshop in order to fully benefit from this workshop’s content.

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Prepare Siblings for Baby’s Arrival

Adding a sibling to the family is a time of excitement! Along with that excitement comes changes that we can prepare our children for, such as tolerating divided attention, playing independently for age appropriate amounts of time, and more. We will share some of our evidence-based strategies to prepare your child(ren) for a new sibling. PURCHASE NOW!

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The free download consists of:

  1. Preparing Older Siblings for a Baby Tip Sheet
  2. 5 Reasons to Teach Your Child Tolerance of Your Divided Attention BEFORE Baby Arrives
  3. Promoting Independence Tip Sheet
  4. Toddler and Preschooler Sleep Tip Sheet
  5. Infant Sleep Tip Sheet
  6. Toilet Training Tip Sheet
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Moving From Picky Eater to Peaceful Eater

Does your child only eat chicken nuggets and grilled cheese? No veggies in your child’s diet? Picky eaters at home?! Want to increase your child’s variety of foods? We review the popular theories related to feeding and eating habits, as well as research on resolving patterns of picky eating that have already been established. We share our approach, which involves a thorough assessment of the function or reason for the unwanted behavior, an inventory of all the places where your child is potentially avoiding your direction, and a plan to break down your expectation of your child trying new foods into baby steps.  

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Video Recorded Webinars OnDemand

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“How Many Times A Day Have I Told My Child The Same Thing? Why Won’t My Child Listen?”
“Proactive Strategies to Manage Big Life Changes”
“Managing Your Child’s Negotiation Tactics”
“Mastering the Parenting Art of Picking Your Battles”
“We’re Doing Something Fun! Why is My Child Crying?!?”
“Morning, After-School/Work, and Bedtime Routines (Oh my!): Is Your Routine Working?”
“How To Get Out Of the Land of Whine and Cry”
“Who Needs Stickers and Treats?! Your Attention is the Most Natural and Powerful Motivator”
“Listening or Independence? You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!”
“My Child Avoids (Almost) Everything!”

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