We Host Monthly Webinars!

Did you learn about how to deliver a baby BEFORE you actually delivered your baby? Why wait until your child is already displaying unwanted behaviors to learn about how they develop and how to prevent/manage them? Our webinars are designed to offer you quick, evidence-based tips from the comfort of your home! We have at least 3 opportunities each month to fill up your parenting toolbox!

1st Wednesday of each month, 8-930 pm CST FREE parent webinar:

BYB offers FREE webinars as a way to reach parents and teachers when the children have gone to bed! Join BYB Consultant Shanna Nseumen for 30 minutes of casual education and feel the support of our community of like-minded parents! Registration is open if you are able to click on the webinar title.   Shanna Nsuemen

September 6, 2017 – Show Me the Data! 
October 4, 2017 – Teach Your Child to Listen the FIRST Time!
November 1, 2017 – Routines for family peace!
December 6, 2017 – Do you a stubborn toddler or master negotiator preschooler? 

2nd Thursday of each month, 1 pm CST FREE Nap and Learn webinar: (You learn while your child naps)

August 10, 2017,

4th Wednesday of each month, 8-930 pm CST

Founder/CEO Jamie Waldvogel digs deeper into a topic with an opportunity for parent interaction. Fee is $10. Recording available for 90 days after each webinar.

July 26, 2017 – “Sleep…What Sleep?”
August 23, 2017 – “Moving from picky eater to peaceful eater”
***Changing to the 3rd Tuesday***September 19, 2017 – Morning, After-School/Work, and Bedtime Routines (Oh my!): Is your routine working?”

Have an idea for a webinar? Email us at:info@behaveyourbest.com

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