Webinars: Online Child Behavior Education for Parents

Webinars are a great way for busy parents like you to gather information. Did you learn about how to deliver a baby BEFORE you actually delivered your baby? Why wait until your child is displaying unwanted behaviors to learn about how to prevent/manage them? Our webinars are designed to offer you quick, evidence-based tips to improve your child’s behavior from the comfort of your home!

2019 Child Behavior Parent Education Webinars

– $15
– 45-minute webinar using Zoom online meeting
– 8 pm on the first Thursday of every month
– PowerPoint and audio recording of the webinar within a week of the webinar


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Are you tired of your child’s constant arguing, negotiating, or otherwise battling your parenting? Do you give in to his/her demands and negotiations to avoid the battle?

If picking the battle means an epic tantrum or aggression, it is likely that you need to pick the battle, but in different way at another time. The battle is indication that your child is missing a skill. Your avoidance of that battle means you are missing the tools to successfully teach your child that missing skill. The world isn’t going to know which battles to avoid and each time you avoid the battle, you are missing an opportunity to teach a skill that your child needs to learn. Your child continues to get better at using the unwanted behavior so when we do actually decide that we want to pick the battle, s/he is really good at it. Check back for registration soon.


You’ll never walk into a classroom and find a teacher attempting to teach an academic concept when a child is in the middle of an upset. But we consistently find parents and teachers in schools and homes attempting to teach “the lesson” when the child is showing unwanted behavior. The brain isn’t wired to learn new information when it is firing. In fact, it is designed to actively block any input to PROTECT the child who doesn’t yet have all the skills to begin with. Check back for registration soon.


Guess what?!? We have the same goals for your family! We just reach them a bit differently. You see, expectation is not a teaching strategy! You can expect your child to learn to swim all day long but if you don’t provide the instruction and opportunity to practice, s/he will not learn to swim. The same goes with behavior. Whether it is obeying your instructions or speaking appropriately to you, expectation is not going to be sufficient for your child. Your child needs to practice the correct behavior and has to be given ample opportunities to practice the correct behavior. It’s not about disrespect, it’s about teaching new skills. Check back for registration soon.

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 ** Webinar contains pivotal skills that ALL families and children will benefit from regardless of age and ability

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$15 includes the power point and audio recording of the webinar

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  • “My Child Is Always Asking For Something!” Capture Natural Teaching Moments With Your Child’s Requests!”**
  • “My Child Tackles Children to Take Toys Away From Them!”
  • “My Child Delays, Dawdles, One-More-Minutes, And Then Still Screams When It’s Time To End Something!”**
  • “I’ve Tried Everything! Typical Parenting Doesn’t Work With My Child!”**
  • “The Ins and Outs of Toilet Training”
  • “My Child’s Whining Is Like Nails on A Chalkboard!”

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