Tele-Behavioral Consultation

Please refer to In-Home Consultation to Parents page for more information about how we use behavior analysis to teach you evidence-based strategies to prevent and manage your child’s unwanted behavior.

If you do not live in the Twin Cities, Minnesota metropolitan area, you may be eligible for tele-behavioral consultation.  Not all behavioral concerns nor all families are going to be appropriate for our tele-behavioral consultation services.

Tela-Behavioral Consultation ImageWe use HIPAA-compliant Zoom virtual meeting room technology to hear and see what is going on in your home during our weekly tele-behavioral consultation visits just as if we were in your home. We call you on your cell phone and have you use an ear bud or Bluetooth headset to provide you coaching as you interact with your child. We will provide a written Proposed Goals and Initial Recommendations document after the first tele-behavioral consultation visit and Consultation Summaries for each follow-up visit thereafter. Click here to request your complimentary, 30-minute phone consultation to discuss your eligibility for tele-behavioral consultation today!

Base rate of $100 per hour (decreased from our in-home consultation rate as there is no travel to your home). All families agree to 6 consecutive weekly tele-behavioral consultation visits. You are also charged 15 minutes per one hour tele-behavioral consultation visit to write your Consultation Summary. You package includes 7.5 total hours.

In the event that resolution of concerns occurs before all paid hours have been used, Behave Your Best, LLC will convert your balance into a phone maintenance program, which includes 60 minutes of phone consultation per month and a webinar to ensure maintenance of your child’s behavior gains and your new tools in your toolbox. We require consistent phone contact during maintenance to be eligible for a refund unused hours after 60 days of no use. You may also choose to offer your unused hours to another family in need in our Give Back Program (more information coming soon!)

Our pre-recorded webinars, “Pretend You Are a Light Switch®” and “Teach Your Child to Listen the FIRST Time!” are included in your package, as we have found that when parents watch the “light switch” video prior to our first tele-behavioral consultation visit, we are able to get right to the experiential learning we pride ourselves on! While you have a service agreement with us, we also add you to our $10 monthly webinars. You’ll receive access to the recording if unable to make it to the webinars.

Text message and/or email communication between tele-behavioral consultation visits is provided at no additional charge. Client understands that text messages are not secure and, despite our best efforts to prevent breaches, privacy may be compromised. Consultants maintain a password lock on mobile devices from which s/he is sending text messages to and receiving text messages from Clients and will not send Protected Health Information (PHI) via text messages.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve your family!