Proactive Toddler Program

Proactive Toddler Program

Parenting trendsetters like you don’t wait around for your child’s behavior to get “bad enough” before arming yourself with evidence-based resources! We have spent the past five years educating you on typical brain, behavioral, social, and emotional development. We are confident that you are ready to receive behavioral consultation BEFORE your child ever has the chance to develop unwanted patterns of learned behavior. We’ve received feedback from our most loyal followers that partnering with parents and their children as early as 18 months old would be a valuable service. We’ve listened and designed a program JUST FOR TODDLERS AND PRESCHOOLERS! 

Our Proactive Toddler Program was featured on Twin Cities Live!

HERE IS HOW IT WORKS:  A Behave Your Best Consultant will visit your home weekly for an hour and teach you to “Pretend You Are a Light Switch®” and other evidence-based, proactive parenting strategies. We will teach you to teach your child aged 18-36 months skills such as: promoting gesture use to communicate, imitation of language to teach other skills, instruction-following, remaining engaged for age-appropriate amounts of time, transitioning from preferred to less preferred activities, tolerating delays, tolerating denials, toilet training preparedness and learning, and sleep support. Your Consultant will also teach you valuable parenting tools with a focus on prevention of unwanted patterns of behavior.


This is a 12-week in-home program. The next group of families to enroll will begin receiving materials in August 2017 and in-home consultation visits will begin the Monday after Labor Day, continuing weekly through November.

TOTAL 12-WEEK COMMITMENT: $1097 for one child, $1297 for twins. We have 30 spots available for families with one toddler for our Fall 2017 program. We have 5 spots available for families with twins for our Fall 2017 program.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Consultant acknowledges that children may become ill, or other unforeseen cancellations may occur, by Consultant or by Client. If scheduled visit is missed by Client, Consultant is not required to schedule another visit prior to the next scheduled weekly visit. Consultant will extend the service by up to (three) 3 weeks to make up for cancellations by family due to child or parent illness. All Consultant cancellations will be made up at the end of the 12-week commitment and/or after up to three (3) Client cancellations have been made up.

Interested? Schedule a 30-minute phone consultation to discuss the program with Jamie!