Potty Training Support

Minnesota Parent magazine cover February 2015

Our potty training service was featured in the February 2015 issue of Minnesota Parent! Click this link to check it out! 


Using the evidence-based techniques of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) can significantly reduce the number of training days, accidents, and challenging behavior during potty training. Our approach breaks down the complex task of potty training into manageable baby steps. Because we know that children learn quickest through repetition in a short period of time, we increase fluid intake temporarily to increase opportunities to practice. We carefully apply and then fade out positive reinforcement. Our goal is to use artificial motivators minimally and to ensure that the child doesn’t become expectant of a motivator in order to perform the skill. The general protocol is applied differently to each child depending on the child’s history and experiences with potty training. Unlike traditional potty training methods, our procedure focuses on teaching the child to initiate use of the potty, which minimizes accidents.

We encourage parents to first watch our parent workshop OnDemand, “The Ins and Outs of Toilet Training,” as most parents are able to successfully teach their child to use the toilet after having taken the class and with a little coaching from us. You can rent this workshop for $79, with unlimited access for 90 days, a Progress Log to track your child’s progress, our PowerPoint with full references, and a 30-minute phone consultation to answer any question you may have. 

If your child is struggling with using the toilet for bowel movements, we recommend scheduling a complimentary, 30-minute phone consultation as soon as possible. In our experience, children require behavioral intervention to address an underlying pattern of avoidant behavior that has been present in the child’s repertoire prior to toilet training. Resolve requires our 6-visit consultation package to teach you to address the avoidant behavior, as well as accomplish toilet training goals. We are the experts with a track record of success when families have “tried everything.”

Many parents have been able to attend our in-person or virtual events and successfully teach their child to use the toilet without further consultation. If you should require further consultation after renting the video, we recommend our In-Home Consultation Program.


Readiness Criteria

  • Child is at least 24 months of age – age doesn’t matter as long as all other criteria are met
  • Child’s doctor has not identified any medical conditions that would preclude bladder or bowel control (please inform consultant if your child experiences irregularity of bowel or constipation)
  • Child is able to pull his/her pants/shorts/underwear down independently. This can be taught during training as many children have not had the opportunity to learn this skill.
  • Child has demonstrated the ability to learn new things with imitation
  • Child is able to willingly follow simple instructions
  • Child willingly accepts physical guidance/assistance
  • Child is able to tolerate and understand delayed rewards
  • Child is not currently experiencing any other significant routine changes (birth of a sibling, transition to toddler bed, starting a new daycare, moving to a new home, etc.)
  • Child has shown interest in the toilet – this isn’t necessarily a prerequisite, but helpful information for your consultant to know