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Potty Training Support

Toddler boy smiling and sitting on the potty chair.

All of the tools you need for a speedy but gentle toilet-learning journey.

Feeling a bit lost in the world of conflicting potty-training advice?

Not all toilet-learning approaches are backed by research like ours. Learn to use the evidence-based methods of Applied Behavior Analysis that can significantly reduce training days, accidents, and unwanted behavior.

Jamie is our potty whisperer. In just a couple of visits our daughter was potty trained—something we had been working on for over a year. Her positive approach is down to earth and easy to follow through on.

– Tara*

Resources You Won’t Find Elsewhere!

Our expertise is in meeting families and children where they are at to help with toilet learning!

Whether you’re facing a tricky case or just getting started, here are some of the things that make our approach unique:

  • Toilet Learning Progress Log 
    Collect baseline information and use your child’s data to make decisions about next steps throughout the process.

  • Why Should I Use Reinforcement?
    Toilet Learning is one skill that we recommend building by using a temporary, artificial system of reinforcement.

  • Guide to Wise and Efficient Use of Reinforcement
    Learn how to apply reinforcement without creating dependency on, or expectation of reinforcement.

  • Top Toilet Learning Baby Steps
    Each child needs to learn these steps along the way. Our baby steps help identify where to start with your child.

  • How to Gradually Fade Reinforcement
    Once your child learns to use the toilet, we’ll help you remove the need for reinforcement. 

Download our FREE Toilet Training Resource Guide e-book!

In just 24 hours, my little princess was doing it all on her own, initiating going to the potty all by herself!

– Heidi*

Virtual Support Services

If you get stuck along the way (or would like a little coaching on the front end), we’re available for more support for you!

Virtual support service includes:

  • An evaluation of necessary skills your child may be missing
  • An action plan for how to move forward based on your child’s unique needs
  • Skill development through breaking down toilet learning into baby steps so your child learns quickly without feeling overwhelmed
  • Training to help your child to initiate the use of the toilet, which minimizes accidents
  • Support in real time to troubleshoot and move you through each step 

Best of all…we teach you to develop the skills to teach and support your child.

To get started, please purchase your introductory, assessment phone consultation

Jamie helped me potty train a very stubborn, almost 4-year old. Only 2 days and he was trained and done…no accidents! Jamie used such patience and understanding when helping to train our son. Her methods made him comfortable and he had fun-he actually enjoyed the whole process!

– Molly*

Tricky Cases

Our team has a track record of success with families who have already “tried everything.”

Light bulb to represent ideas.

Are you running into any of these issues?

  • My child refuses to poop on the potty chair
  • My child gets constipated during potty training
  • My child is afraid of the toilet
  • My child refuses to sit on the potty chair
  • My child urinates or has a bowel movement right after leaving the bathroom
  • My child picks a spot in the room to go squat instead of using the toilet
  • My child begs for a diaper when feeling the urge to urinate or have a bowel movement
  • My child doesn’t care about wet or dirty pants
  • My child was using the toilet, but now has regressed

You can listen to our FREE Podcast “Baby Steps” to Successful Potty Training: The BYB Way!

If these didn’t solve the problem for you, please check out our support services. We’d love to help you empower your child for success!

Our daughter is almost 5. She would not even sit on the potty without a ridiculous fight. Her anxiety was unexplainable. We tried numerous times to get her to go on the potty, and we had no luck. Jamie was able to connect with our daughter and within half of a day, she was going pee in the potty proudly and then the 3rd day, poop in the potty. Poop in the potty was not even talked about because it scared our little girl so much. My husband and I cannot even believe what Jamie was able to do.

– Christa*

Potty Training Readiness Criteria

While we can work with most children successfully in a short time, there are certain readiness factors that we do look for, including:

  • Your child is at least 2 years old; if your child is younger than 2 years old, and meets the readiness criteria below, he or she may still be ready for potty training
  • Your child’s doctor has not identified any medical conditions that would preclude bladder or bowel control (please inform consultant if your child experiences irregularity of bowel or constipation)
  • Your child is able to pull his/her pants/shorts/underwear down independently; most children learn this as part of the potty training process
  • Your child willingly accepts physical guidance/assistance
  • Your child is able to tolerate and understand delayed rewards
  • Your child isn’t experiencing other significant changes such as the birth of a sibling or starting a new daycare

If your child hasn’t shown interest in the potty, we can help! This isn’t a prerequisite.

If you felt discouraged when you read one or two of the above criteria, we can still help!

Sometimes a child needs guidance in building skills like the ability to tolerate delayed rewards or a willingness to accept physical assistance.

If you are running into these or other behaviors that might impact potty training, we’d love to help build those skills by providing virtual family support services.

Still not sure if your child is ready? We offer an introductory, assessment phone consultation to help you determine next steps.

*Per the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) Guidelines for Responsible Conduct for Behavior Analysts we cannot solicit testimonies from current clients. You can read more about our practices and policies related to testimonials here.

** Prices are subject to change at any time, for any reason.