Is potty training like a pesky gray cloud that insists on following you around, raining mishaps and mayhem wherever you go?How would you feel if you knew exactly what to do to get your child to consistently and independently use the potty? 

How different would your days look if potty training were checked off of your to-do list? 

If persistent, intrusive thoughts about potty training consume your brain power throughout the day, keep you up at night, and are the first thing you think about in the morning when you wake, I have the program for you!

I designed my self-paced, digital program, “Solutions To Common Potty Training Challenges” for parents who have tried everything to resolve their child’s potty training challenges but have yet to find a solution that actually works!

What if you found a program unlike anything you’ve found on the world wide web that effectively addressed the underlying barriers to your child’s potty training challenges? 

I want to introduce you to a program that worked for hundreds of other parents just like you: “Solutions to Common Potty Training Challenges.”  I tailored this self-paced digital lifeline to support frustrated and overwhelmed parents, equipping you with the ultimate arsenal to vanquish potty training woes and bid farewell pull-ups once and for all!

"How To De-Escalate Your Escalated Child” is a program for parents that have tried everything but have yet to find a strategy that works. Behave Your Best

I understand how exhausting potty training struggles can be for parents and their children. With the wisdom of science and a database of hundreds of satisfied parents, I have helped frustrated parents go from waving the white surrender flag to proudly hoisting the potty training victory flag.

Maybe you’re experiencing that sinking feeling of hopelessness having exhausted every trick in the book that seemed to work like magic for other kids, yet still finding yourself at a loss, changing diapers or cleaning up messes, or worse, endless power struggles with your child to use the toilet. 

Picture the surge of pride washing over you as you guide your child from relentless power struggles to triumph over potty training. 

Envision the confidence radiating from your little one as they navigate the world of independent potty use.

You deserve effective strategies to quickly and easily support your child to reach their potty training goals! 

The strategies that I teach in my self-paced, digital program “Solutions To Common Potty Training Challenges” are unlike anything else you’ll find online. Grounded in the psychology of child and behavioral development, I teach you how to individualize a system that has worked for hundreds of families. 

Uncover proven strategies that not only achieve your child’s potty training goals but also fill your parental toolkit with fresh approaches to enhance your day-to-day interactions with your little one. 

Assessing the underlying reasons for your child’s potty training struggles is sure to address the root cause, making bandaids (and pull-ups) a thing of the past.

Jamie Waldvogel, MS, BCBA
Board Certified Behavior Analyst
Founder/Owner, Behave Your Best

Growing up, I was a helper. I played Mother Hen to my own siblings. I loved to babysit. Being around babies brought me so much joy (still does)! 

I was often referred to as the “teacher’s pet” because I loved helping my teachers pass things out, grade spelling tests, prepare art supplies, or any other task that they asked me to do.

I recall when I was in 3rd grade, my teacher started giving me the extra copies of worksheets to take home. I created a filing system for them, strategically placed them in the order in which they were used in the classroom. During the summer between 3rd and 4th grade, I started a club. My friends would pay me $1 to be in my club and we would spend our summer days completing worksheets, grading them, and rewarding ourselves, much like Girl Scouts earn badges. 

Looking back, this is one of the first signs that I’d one day be an entrepreneur. Becoming a mother forced me to think outside the box in terms of my career. The mere thought of leaving my son for 8-10 hours per day left me feeling sad. I was dreading this transition so much that at times, I had to remind myself to enjoy the time that I did have with him while on maternity leave. 

One day I was talking to my best friend on the phone while my son slept peacefully in my arms. She was sharing how her 5-year old nephew was having a hard time with potty training. She described how stressed her sister was, how she felt like she had tried everything and feared her son would go to kindergarten in pull-ups. I offered to help and she directed her sister to me. 

After I successfully helped my friend’s nephew learn to use the potty in literally less than 24 hours, my friend said, “You could make a business out of this Jamie! There are so many parents struggling with potty training.” 

“That’s actually not a bad idea” I thought. “I’ll just potty train a couple of kids per month and spend the majority of my time with my son. I can still use my education and training as a behavior analyst to help others AND spend as much of my precious time with my child as possible while he was little.” 

It has been more than a decade since I placed the first flier on a coffee shop bulletin board. More than a decade since I got the first call from a parent desperate to get her 5-year old daughter potty trained. Check out this article from Minnesota Parent magazine, featuring that family’s struggles prior to discovering my program, and their success with my support. 

My team and I have served more than one thousand children and their families in the past decade. While not my most glamorous title, potty training expert I am! 

With each referral I received, I realized that most families didn’t actually need my help with potty training. They needed my expertise as a behavior analyst to understand the underlying behavioral barriers to potty training success, to develop a plan to address those barriers, and support to execute that plan. Behave Your Best has expanded to support parents with difficult moments. Whether it be eating, sleeping, potty training, tantrums, getting out the door on time, aggressive behavior, or listening, we are equipped to help you achieve the peaceful home you deserve. 

how it works

Potty Training Digital Program

You’ll start with a video that describes the underlying behavioral patterns that 99% of my past clients have displayed that are a barrier to successful potty training. In this first video, I’ll explain why rewards may not have worked for your child, or perhaps why rewards only worked temporarily. I’ll teach you how to capitalize on your child’s natural motivation.

You’ll learn the three major components that will resolve your child’s potty training challenges. (Valued at $149)

My Pyramid Worksheet helps you create a clear plan to address the foundational patterns of behavior underlying potty training challenges and identify prerequisite skills to teach to ensure successful potty training. (Valued at $39)  

My next video addresses the first of three major components to potty training success. I’ll help you break down the daunting task of potty training into manageable steps in a way unlike you have experienced before. (Valued at $149)

My visual guide will help you create an individualized potty training scope and sequence based on your child’s unique needs. (Valued at $39)

In my next video, I’ll describe the second of the three major components to potty training success. (Valued at $149)

You’ll use my accompanying data trackers to visually track your child’s progress with this crucial step of potty training. (Valued at $79)

My next video will build upon previous strategies to target your child’s potty training refusals. (Valued at $149)

My tip sheets will not only make refusals a thing of the past, but improve your child’s listening skills throughout the day, outside the context of potty training. (Valued at $79)

In my next video, you’ll learn how to address your child’s regression and accidents. I’ll highlight two pivotal skills to teach to improve your child’s initiation of and transition to the bathroom. (Valued at $149)

The last 2 videos are for you if your child struggles with stool retention, encopresis, constipation, and/or bedwetting. (Valued at $298)

My functional constipation assessment checklist will provide information to determine if there is a medical component to your child’s struggles with these areas and how to talk to your child’s pediatrician about it. (Valued at $39)

Our electronic potty training planning form will help you pull together all that you have learned into one convenience location, mapping out your plan for your child’s successful potty training. (Valued at $79) 

$1585 value, your price is $199


Most frequently asked questions

Rest assured the strategies you learn in my program have worked for hundreds of families before you. Grounded in science and with consideration of your child’s unique potty training journey, this plan is far from cookie cutter. I designed this program with flexibility in mind, so that you can customize the strategies to your child’s needs. Should you need additional support, I’m available by phone for consultation.

As a behavior analyst, I’m trained to conduct a thorough assessment of the underlying reasons for a child’s unwanted behavior. After more than a decade consulting with parents on potty training, I noticed a pattern and found myself feeling like a broken record during my consultations. Prior to working with me, parents consistently reported having tried everything. The results speak for themselves! With few unique exceptions, I have successfully helped hundreds of families overcome potty training challenges. 

The program materials will be available July 2024. As soon as you purchase the program, you’ll receive an email with the first video and related materials. Each subsequent video will be delivered every 2 hours thereafter. This way, you get the materials quickly but also can easily break them down into digestible steps. With each video, you’ll have an assignment of sorts. I recommend that you watch each video and complete its recommended assignments before moving on to the next video. Avoid the urge to skip ahead! The content was designed in manageable chunks, building on what you learn so that you thoroughly address all possible barriers to your child’s potty training challenges.

All of the program materials are downloadable. There is no expiration date on your access to the materials.

Who is this program for?

This program is for you if you can relate to any of these families:

Pete and lori

whose 4-year old son's potty training journey started when he was 2. His initial excitement and enthusiasm for wearing underwear turned to fear when he had an accident. Wearing pull-ups all day, hiding when he needed to poop, refusing to transition to the bathroom soon became an issue at daycare, who gave his parents an ultimatum: Get him potty trained or he wouldn’t be able to progress to the next room with the other children his age. 

Molly and bill

whose 5-year old son showed zero interest in potty training and his outright refusal had them concerned he might not be able to go to kindergarten. 


who read every potty training resource she could find to prepare for successful potty training. Her 2.5-year old son Stevie didn't care about rewards. Although he had a few successes initially, accidents and tantrums took the spotlight on day 3 of potty training. 


whose 4-year old daughter Evie talked enthusiastically about potty training, wore underwear all day, and even willingly sat on the potty, but who held her pee all day and got extremely upset when the urge to pee became unbearable. Evie seemed to fear the potty and expressed concern with letting her pee out in the potty.

travis and anne

whose 5-year old son Kevin was a master negotiator, which they learned was a barrier to his successful potty training. 
Potty Training | Minneapolis–Saint Paul | Behave Your Best | Child Ripping Toilet Paper

gina and gabe

whose 6-year old daughter was wetting the bed. 

carrie and mike

whose 3-year old son Bryson refused to poop on the potty, leading to skid marks in his underwear multiple times per day, pee accidents, constipation, adult doses of Miralax, and tummy pain. 

Here’s how my program works:

Step 1: Purchase the digital program for $199. (Valued at $1585)

Step 2: Check your inbox for an email with my first video. Watch it and complete the recommended assessment. 

Step 3: Watch each subsequent video and complete the recommended worksheets and checklists. 

Step 4: Print and/or download my tip sheets and visual guides and keep them in a convenient location for quick reference.

Step 5: Create your child’s individualized plan and gather necessary materials to prepare to implement the plan. 

Step 6: Begin implementing your child’s individualized plan.

Step 7: Say goodbye to potty training woes! Bask in the success of your child’s mastery of potty training and enjoy the extra time you have with them.


This digital program is not refundable. While I am confident you'll experience success with this program, my code of ethics as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) prevents me from guaranteeing or promising results within a specific timeframe. Some families may require additional consultation to develop their plan, overcome intense unwanted behaviors, or implement their plan.

Imagine where you could be next month at this time. Your child is confidently wearing underwear. The power struggles you used to dread are a thing of the past. You have extra money to spend on experiences with your child now that pull-ups and underwear are no longer clogging up your budget. 

“Solutions To Common Potty Training Challenges” is a self-paced, customizable digital program for parents who have tried everything to overcome their child’s potty training challenges. 

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