Parents Need Tools!

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Whether you have school-aged children or not, you likely feel the “back to school” season beginning to get underway at this time of year. Each store you walk in to has the back to school theme. Commercials on television and radio try to sway parents to one store or another for back to school shopping.

If you are anything like me, this time of year brings back a lot of great memories of back to school season growing up. I still get excited about the “newness” of it all to this day. Crisp, clean socks and shoes. School clothes and play clothes. All of the new things signal a new beginning for your child. A fresh start. This is only the beginning in terms of what we do as parents to set our children up for success to begin a new “school year.”

But what about us parents? What have you done to set yourself up for success?

Did you participate in some form of childbirth education prior to delivering your first baby? Why stop there!? We aim to make parent education about behavioral, social, and emotional development as normal as childbirth education.

At Behave Your Best, we are on a mission to make parent education regarding social, emotional, and behavioral development as normal as childbirth education is. Watch this video before reading on 

School districts offer Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE), but these services are usually offered during the day, so working parents aren’t able to participate beyond the first 6-12 weeks of the child’s life.

There are books on the market, but there isn’t a book that knows your child and can take into consideration your family values and routines. When you finally get time to yourself at the end of the day, the last thing you likely want to read about is parenting. Wouldn’t it be great if you could enjoy that time with your spouse? Or to participate in a hobby you enjoy? Or read something you want to read?

Parenting classes abound, but are far removed from your actual daily interactions with your child.

Parent coaches are available for phone consultation. In my experience, most parent coaches attended a weekend training to earn their certification. We don’t call ourselves parent coaches, though one could argue that is what we do with a family. The reason is that our approach is uniquely behavioral and we are all Board Certified Behavior Analysts. What we teach parents is different. For example, parent coaches usually have you identify family rules, all of which begin with the word NO, such as No Hitting. Philosophically, our approach focuses on teaching you to teach your child what TO DO, and puts minimal planning and focus on the unwanted behavior at all. Our entire plan involves teaching your child skills that are going to effectively compete with the unwanted behaviors. And the way we teach it is very different than anything else out there. Curious how? Apply for an introductory, assessment phone consultation today! 

We offer a variety of opportunities (both FREE and paid) for you to obtain evidence-based education efficiently. We know you are busy! So are we!

  1. We offer virtual educational classes for parents
  2. We offer the opportunity for prospective clients to purchase an introductory, assessment phone consultation.
  3. We offer behavioral consultation to families when it works for you.
  4. We post tips and strategies on social media.
  5. We provide educational emails that you can sign up for.

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