We are raising children in a whole different world than we were raised due to the advances in technology and a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic. One societal “long COVID” symptom of the pandemic is the delayed social-emotional development of our children who were elementary age and younger prior to the start of the pandemic. This symptom will likely not be fully realized until we experience a cohort of children with delayed social-emotional and behavior regulation skills. Pandemic parents and our children need support like never before! We can be the generation that disrupts parenting from a discipline-based approach to one emphasizing teaching of social-emotional and behavior regulation skills first.

#Parentingtrendsetters just like you share how they learned to de-escalate their child’s unwanted behavior and how they learned to prevent unwanted behaviors by teaching new “knee jerk” reactions to the things that are stressful for their child!

BYB is in your back pocket! Parenting support customized for your family WHEN you need it. #parentingtrendsetters choose to learn modern-day parenting strategies BEFORE their child’s behavior requires them to. There is a STIGMA that if you are learning about your child’s behavior, your child must have a behavior problem. Listen to one #parentingtrendsetter dispel this myth! 

Strategies To Support A 2-Year Old’s Big Emotions! There are endless parenting resources on the internet and while it’s helpful information, it can be overwhelming to sift through so many resources to find the support your family needs. One family shares how our unique approach got to the root cause of their daughter’s unwanted tantrums and sleep disruptions. Hear how choosing to invest in parenting support provided individualized tools that have been used over the past 3 years, and with their now 5 year old daughter. 

We have a master negotiator on our hands! It wasn’t about the potty training! In this episode, our guests share how they learned their 3.5 year old son’s skillful negotiating was a barrier to successful potty training. Not only did they get quick resolve of their child’s potty training, but they learned to foster his strengths of negotiating while putting boundaries on when and where negotiating is available

Unwanted Behavior Is A Form Of Communication In this episode, a parent shares how her teen daughter’s severe unwanted behaviors decreased, and communication increased, through Zoom coaching. Hear how the family learned to use delays, baby steps and choices to gain success at home and school!

“Baby Steps” to Successful Potty Training: The BYB Way! In this episode, we review the key components of our approach to potty training that set children and their caregivers up for success! Learn how children learn a pattern of avoidant behavior that may be a barrier to successful potty training and how to use “baby steps” and choices to prevent or unravel a pattern of unwanted behavior.

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