In-person parent events

Behave Your Best, LLC is committed to sharing our unique, positive, proactive and evidence-based parenting strategies with parents in an affordable way. Below are descriptions of all workshops currently offered. Visit our Workshops OnDemand page for more information on which workshops are available online. We are able to customize our content to your group’s needs as well!

Here are some of our most popular in-person parent event topics: 

“Prevent the Parenting Forest Fires!” – As parents, we can all agree that it is much less effortful and stressful to spend your precious time with your children preventing challenging behavior than reacting to unwanted behavior that has already occurred. Parents will leave empowered with positive, proactive parenting strategies designed to prevent unwanted behavior and transform episodes of unwanted behavior into teachable moments.

“Pretend You Are a Light Switch!®” –  Children aren’t born with all of the skills necessary to successfully interact with the world so we can expect that they will display unwanted behaviors as they attempt to figure it all out.  This strategy is the hallmark of our approach at Behave Your Best so we decided it deserved a workshop all its own! Parents need to be equipped with evidence-based strategies to transform those challenging moments of unwanted behavior into powerful behavioral teaching moments. [Also available On Demand!]

“Teach Your Child to Listen the FIRST Time!” – This is our most popular workshop! A common concern parents report with young children is that their child doesn’t listen. This workshop reviews why children do not listen and how we can teach them to do so  most of the time. You will leave with a clear plan to improve your child’s listening skills. It is recommended that you attend the “Light Switch” workshop prior to attending this workshop in order to fully benefit from this workshop’s content. [Also available On Demand!]

“Teach Social Skills to Prevent Unwanted Preschool Behavior” – A preschooler’s job is to learn how to behave, learn, and thrive in a group setting. Children learn all skills at a different rate and social skills have a wide range in terms of typical development. Many times, preschoolers display unwanted behaviors because they have not yet acquired the skills necessary to succeed in group settings. We will review common behavioral challenges that can occur when a child lacks the necessary social skills, which social skills to focus your teaching efforts, and how to teach them using positive, proactive behavioral strategies.

“The Ins and Outs of Toilet Training” – In this workshop, we will first briefly review the literature regarding toilet training norms, as well as the literature on evidence-based approaches to potty training. We will discuss readiness criteria. We will then review the key components of our rapid approach to toilet training, which is individualized to meet the child’s unique needs and experiences, yet flexible enough to be adapted to the group child care setting. Unlike traditional methods of toilet training, our approach focuses on teaching a child to initiate the use of the toilet so as to prevent dependence on an adult reminded the child to use the potty. Our goal is for parents to leave this workshop feeling empowered to successfully teach their child to use the toilet. [Also available On Demand!]

“Solve Your Child’s Sleep Disruptions!” – Developing healthy sleep habits in our children is essential for cognitive development, mood regulation, attention and behavior, health, and overall quality of life for children and their family members. Research has shown that first-time parents who receive education regarding sleep before the child is 3 months of age, report fewer challenges with sleep than those that did not receive education (Adair, Zuckerman, Bauchner, Philipp, & Levenson, 1992; Kerr, Jowett, & Smith, 1996; Wolfson, Futterman, & Lacks, 1992). In this class, we will review the literature regarding pediatric sleep and sleep norms, including common challenges parents report, strategies to promote healthy sleep habits without compromising your parenting philosophy, values, or instincts. We will also describe empirically-supported sleep interventions to address common challenges. [Also available On Demand!]

“What to do to Prepare for Baby #2” – There are a lot of things that are unexpected about having a new baby. We cannot plan for every obstacle or challenge our families will experience when a new baby arrives. However, we can learn from those that have parented before us, as well as from the science of understanding child behavior and development. In this parent workshop, we will review some proactive things you can teach your first born aged 18 months to 6 years to prepare him or her for the arrival of your new family member. We review some common behavioral challenges children display leading up to and after the arrival of a new sibling, and share some tips how to minimize or prevent unwanted behaviors all together!

“Moving From Picky Eater to Peaceful Eater” – Does your child only eats chicken nuggets and grilled cheese…no veggies in your child’s diet? Picky eaters at home?! Want to increase your child’s variety of foods? Jamie will give you tips to work with your picky eater. Jamie shares how Behave Your Best uses evidence-based strategies to break down the skill of accepting new foods for your child. We discuss the importance of a thorough assessment of your child’s patterns of unwanted avoidant behavior outside the context of mealtime to develop a plan that will produce lasting results. 

“Morning, After-School/Work, and Bedtime Routines (oh my!): Is Your Routine Working?” – Maybe you have a routine but it’s NOT working? Maybe your child is not independent in following the routine? Do you WANT a routine that works for your family? Proactively creating routines that actually work for YOUR family will create more successful parts of your day! Jamie shares how to create routines that work for your family! [Also available On Demand!]

A note from a happy participant…

 “My daycare is sponsoring some parenting classes given by a behavior analyst and consultant, Jamie Waldvogel. I’ve attended the first two classes in the series, and I think they’re enlightening. In class, Jamie outlines her approaches and punctuates with several examples from her previous clients and her own son. Then toward the end, parents in attendance provide examples of their struggles at home and Jamie makes recommendations on the spot. I find it impressive. And while the advice may not be earth-shattering, it really seems to help parents who are in a rut or too emotionally involved to see another way to approach their child’s undesired behavior.”

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