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Feeling overwhelmed by your child’s behavior?

Are you stuck in a cycle of power struggles and ineffective discipline?
Do you and your partner feel out of sync with your parenting styles?
Does getting your child to eat, sleep, potty or just listen feel like a daily battle?

We get it. We understand how frustrating parenting can be at times. 
We’ve got you covered!


During your 30-minute introductory, assessment phone consultation, one of our Consultants will ask you questions to identify the possible reasons your child uses their unwanted behavior. Generally, your child engages in unwanted behaviors because they are benefiting them in some way. While it’s true that a child will “outgrow” a certain frustrating behaviors—like hitting—they will usually replace it with another unwanted behavior if the root issue hasn’t been addressed.

Our goal is to identify new social and/or behavior regulation skills to teach your child more appropriate ways to express their feelings and needs, and to address the current patterns of unwanted behaviors. You can expect at least one evidence-based recommendation during this consultation. Fee for your introductory phone consultation is $60.

For an additional fee of $25, you can purchase the audio recording of your phone consultation. Choose this option in the drop down menu below.

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After registration and payment, you will receive a link to schedule your phone consultation. After scheduling your call, we request that you fill out our pre-consultation form using the link provided. Please provide as much information as possible to make our time together the most beneficial.