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Pretend You Are A Light Switch!®- FREE Resource
Sometimes we unknowingly reinforce unwanted behaviors, and then try to correct behaviors right at the moment kids are least able to learn. Common behavioral reasons for unwanted patterns of behavior are attention and avoidance. The “Light Switch” Technique will help you understand brain development so you know how to de-escalate situations more effectively,  WHEN to teach your child “the lesson”, and how to react without inadvertently reinforcing the behavior. This strategy supports your child to develop self-regulation and calming skills.

Teach Better Behavior With Fewer Words – FREE Resource
De-escalation begins when we reduce our language! When we think of teaching our child about behavior or social skills, we generally think about explaining it to them, reading a book about it, telling them the rules, or talking about emotions.  When it comes to behavior, simply explaining the expectation isn’t sufficient to result in the desired behavior change. Children learn the quickest if they actually practice using the correct behavior when their brains are in a position to learn (we call this “light switch on”). 

My Child Doesn’t Respond to Rewards! Capitalize on Your Child’s Natural Motivation! – FREE Resource
We all need some type of motivation in life, and children are no different.  We review the reasons children often do not respond to rewards and share other strategies to motivate your kiddos more naturally. We discuss how to capitalize on natural motivation you are likely already offering, as well as how control and escape can be used in a positive way.

Everything is a Battle or Negotiation with my Child! – Purchase now!
Tired of your child’s constant arguing, negotiating, or otherwise battling your parenting? If picking battles results in unwanted behaviors, it is likely that you need to pick the battle, but in different way at another time. The battle is indication that your child is missing a skill. We will share strategies to nip this pattern and help you identify WHEN and HOW to pick the right battles!

My Child Constantly Pushes My Boundaries! – Purchase now!
Teach boundaries to children through choices! When you offer two options does your child say, “Both”, “Neither”, or suggest a 3rd option? The ability to make a choice when presented with options is one of the first behavior regulation skills to develop. Parents need children to pick one of the choices offered to maintain parental boundaries. 

Combat Impulsivity by Teaching Your Child Self-Control! – Purchase now!
We are raising children in a society that puts a high value on things that are fast and convenient. Children rarely have to wait for things. Because of this, we have to teach self-control to children by intentionally creating opportunities for our children to learn to wait for things, accept no for an answer, and move on when it is time to end something fun.

Teach Children to Listen the FIRST Time – Purchase now!
Tired of repeating yourself? Feel like your children only listen when you raise your voice? First, we review the reasons children do not listen. Then we share effective, yet simple strategies to teach your child to listen the FIRST time (most of the time). (Video only)

The Ins and Outs of Toilet Training – FREE Podcast!

Solve Your Child’s Sleep Disruptions! – Purchase now!
Did you know that parents who receive sleep education before a child is 3 months old report smoother roads than those who lack this education? There are 6 common sleep disruptions in early childhood and most children experience more than one simultaneously, which means that any sleep plan NEEDS to address EVERY reason the child’s sleep is disrupted. Sleep problems don’t have to be the norm…whether your child is 3 months or 3 years of age!  (Video only)

My Child Avoids (Almost) Everything! – Purchase now!
Does your child tend to avoid or control things? It’s important to address this behavior early on, before it becomes ingrained and truly problematic. (Video only)

My Child Delays, Dawdles, One-More-Minutes, And Then Still Screams When It’s Time To End Something! – Purchase now!
Don‘t cover up this missing skill! Teach your child the crucial skill of pausing or ending preferred activities! Did you know there are 3 self-control skills/behaviors involved in a successful transition? Learn what those 3 behaviors are and how to teach your child. (Audio only)

I Expect My Child to Obey and Show Respect. – Purchase now!
Expectation is not a teaching strategy! You can expect your child to learn to swim, or ride a bike, but if you don’t provide the opportunity to practice, your child will not learn those physical skills. The same goes for behavior. Your child needs to practice the correct behavior with help, and be given ample opportunities to continue to practice the correct behavior. 

Why Ignoring Your Child’s Unwanted Behavior Doesn’t WorkPurchase now!
Behavior always serves a purpose or children wouldn’t continue to use it. Sometimes children use their behavior to get stuff like toys, treats, information, communication, or attention. Sometimes they use their behavior to get out of stuff they don’t want to do or things that are difficult for them. “Only” ignoring rarely works, even if attention is one of the reasons for unwanted behavior! 

Supporting Your Elementary Student with Distance Learning – Purchase now!
We will highlight pivotal behavior regulation skills to work on with your child to promote independence and routines with distance learning. Learn our evidence-based parenting tools to promote child participation and compliance during remote learning. (Audio only) 

Don’t Teach the ABC’s During a Tantrum! – Purchase now!
So often we try to correct unwanted behavior and teach the new behavior “in the heat of the moment.” The brain isn’t wired to learn new information when it is firing. In fact, it is designed to actively block any input to PROTECT the child who doesn’t yet have all the skills to begin with. (Audio only)

How Can I Help My Child At School When It Doesn’t Happen At Home? – Purchase now!
It can be hard as a parent to understand why a child has difficulty at school but doesn’t have that same difficulty at home. Parents may learn what pushes children’s buttons and inadvertently avoid or accommodate those situations. Teachers or coaches cannot be as flexible or accommodate in the same way because the environments are very different. We can create opportunities at home to teach those missing skills.

Everyone Says This Behavior Is Normal, but I’m Struggling to Parent My Toddler! – Purchase now!
When “normal” childhood behavior becomes a pattern such that you aren’t enjoying time with your child anymore, it isn’t normal! It is a learned pattern of behavior. The longer your child practices unwanted behavior, the better they get at it. Teach your child during the younger years to prevent patterns of unwanted behavior as your child enters school age.

“My Child’s Whining Is Like Nails On A Chalkboard!” – Purchase now!
Do you find yourself saying, “Use your words!” when your child is whining? But this doesn’t actually result in your child using their words more appropriately? Or maybe it works in the moment, but you are tired of repeating this day in, day out? We will describe ways to teach your child to use words, instead of just telling them to do so and expecting behavior change. (Audio only) 

Prepare Siblings For Baby’s Arrival – Purchase now!
 Wondering how to help your little one adjust to the new sibling who is on the way? Or maybe the transition with the first new sibling didn’t go so well and you’re looking for a little help this time around. We’ve got you covered! 

Moving From Picky Eater To Peaceful Eater- Purchase now!
Does your child live off of chicken nuggets and grilled cheese? Can’t seem to get any veggies in the diet? It doesn’t have to be this way. Learn how to overcome picky eating in your home. 

Strategies to Combat Burnout For Working Parents- Purchase now!
Did you know that burnout is now recognized in the medical community as a syndrome that precedes other disorders and diseases? Do you feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and unable to meet the constant demands of your personal and professional life? We share evidence-based strategies to manage the personal and professional responsibilities of working parents. 

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» The importance of social readiness over academic readiness in terms of predicting future educational success is backed by research. Read more!

» Research on the developing brain shows us that early childhood experiences build the foundation for a skilled workforce, a responsible community, and a thriving economy. Read more!

» Emotional development begins early in life. The ability to regulate one’s own emotions and manage successful interactions with other people is key for later academic performance, mental health, and social relationships. Read more!

» Research continues to prove how basic lessons in changing behaviors can be a more effective treatment than medicine for ADHD. Read more!

» We do not recommend punishment and/or negative consequences contingent on unwanted behavior as the first and/or only response. Read more!

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