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These are pre-recorded parenting classes on some of our most asked for topics. Rent any of the online workshops below for just $15. You can view these workshops as many times as needed during the 90-day rental period.

Pretend You are a Light Switch Parenting Workshop

Sometimes we unknowingly reinforce unwanted behaviors, and then try to correct behaviors right at the moment kids are least able to learn. What’s a parent to do? FREE to RENT!

Teach Your Child to Listen the First Time Parenting Workshop

Do you ever feel like you just can’t get your child to listen to you? This is our most popular workshop for a reason! RENT NOW.

The Ins and Outs of Toilet Training Workshop

Which method of potty training actually works? How do I know if my child is ready? Is there any way to do this really fast? We’ll review the literature supporting our approach as well as tips and tricks we’ve learned from training hundreds of children. RENT NOW.

Prepare Siblings for Baby’s Arrival Workshop

Wondering how to help your little one adjust to the new sibling who is on the way? Or maybe the transition with the first new sibling didn’t go so well and you’re looking for a little help this time around. We’ve got you covered! RENT NOW.

Solve Your Child’s Sleep Disruptions Workshop

Did you know that parents who receive sleep education before a child is 3 months old report smoother roads than those who lack this education? Sleep problems don’t have to be the norm…whether your child is 3 months or 3 years of age, help is on the way! RENT NOW.

Picky Eater to Peaceful Eater Workshop

Does your child live off of chicken nuggets and grilled cheese? Can’t seem to get any veggies in the diet? It doesn’t have to be this way. Learn how to overcome picky eating in your home. RENT NOW.

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You can join in on any of our upcoming webinars for just $15.

Webinars are parenting classes that happen in real time. Jamie meets with you to speak on a chosen subject and then answers your questions.

These 1-hour webinars happen on the first Thursday of every month from 8-9 pm CST. We’ll send you the power point and recording within 7-10 days of the webinar. You’ll need to download the free (and easy) Zoom video conferencing technology to attend.


June 4
The Ins and Outs of Toilet Training

We will share the key components of our evidence-based approach to toilet training that can be customized to teach any child to use the toilet. We will review strategies if you haven’t yet started to teach your child to use the toilet and help troubleshoot if you’ve started and have experienced some setbacks. Register here.

July 2
Capitalize on Your Child’s Natural Motivation!

For lasting behavior change, we take pride in teaching parents to capitalize on natural motivation. We rarely recommend the use of sticker charts and other artificial reward systems because they are tedious to maintain consistently enough to be effective for the average busy family. Learn about the different ways your child is naturally motivated and how to capture teaching moments for lasting behavior change.

August 6
I Expect My Child to Obey and be Respectful!

We want the same things for your children! We share our unique approach to teaching these skills which includes breaking down the expectation into manageable teaching steps, capturing natural teaching moments when your child learns the quickest, and ensuring consistency.

September 3
I’ve Tried Everything! Typical Parenting Doesn’t Work With My Child.

Do you feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING and your child is still displaying unwanted behaviors? Parenting books and other advice-givers likely didn’t do a thorough assessment of why YOUR CHILD has learned to use his/her unwanted behavior and the skills s/he is missing. You can consequence the heck out of an unwanted behavior pattern, but if your child is missing the skills to begin with, you are too late! We will share why WHEN you teach determines the success of your teaching.

October 1
How Can I Help at Home?

As parents, we learn what pushes our children’s buttons and may inadvertently learn to avoid or accommodate those situations so as not to derail the day. While we don’t want you to pick every battle, avoiding all of them can be a disservice to your child in the long run, as it may mask your child’s missing skill(s). Unfortunately, those missing skills are often revealed in other environments where the teacher or coach cannot be flexible or accommodate your child’s missing skills. So even though you may not experience unwanted behaviors at home, you are the key teacher when your child is struggling at school or in other community settings.

November 5
Teach Better Behavior With Fewer Words

When we think of teaching our child about something, we generally think about explaining something to them, reading a book to them about it, or showing them the expectation. When it comes to behavior, simply explaining the expectation isn’t sufficient to result in the desired behavior change. Children learn the quickest if they actually practice using the correct behavior when their brains are in a position to learn (we call this “switch on” at Behave Your Best). We will share our approach to capture natural teaching moments using silent teaching strategies.

December 3
Why Ignoring Your Child’s Unwanted Behavior Doesn’t Work

Behavior always serves a purpose or children wouldn’t continue to use it. Sometimes children use their behavior to get stuff like toys, treats, information, and attention. Sometimes they use their behavior to get out of stuff they don’t want to do or things that are difficult for them. We have to know why a child is using their behavior and match our plan to address that reason or we will see temporary improvement at best, and even a worsening of the behavior. Even if your child is using his/her behavior to get attention, ignoring isn’t the answer for a variety of safety and psychological reasons. We share those reasons and why to do instead of ignoring your child’s unwanted behaviors.

Recorded Webinars: Husband and wife watching a recorded parenting class on their tablet.

We’ve recorded some of our most popular webinars so you can access them at your convenience. Some of these are in video format and others are audio recordings. Each of the following $15 webinars is available to rent for a 90 day period, starting from the day you submit payment.

  • Combat Impulsivity by Teaching Your Child Self-Control!
    We are raising children in a society that puts a high value on things that are fast and convenient. Children rarely have to wait for things. Because of this, we have to teach self-control to children as young as one year old. We need to intentionally create opportunities for our children to learn to wait for things, accept no for an answer, and move on when it is time to end something fun at home, to set them up for success at school. Rent Now.

  • My Child Doesn’t Respond to Rewards!
    We will review the reasons children often do not respond to rewards and share other strategies to motivate your kiddos more naturally. We will discuss how control may be your child’s motivation and how to capitalize on that natural motivation and steer it into a positive direction. Rent Now.

  • I’ve Tried Everything! Typical Parenting Doesn’t Work With My Child!
    Do you feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING and your child is still not displaying the correct behaviors? Parenting books and other advice-givers likely didn’t do a thorough assessment of WHY YOUR CHILD has learned to use his/her unwanted behavior. Learn why WHEN you teach determines the success of your teaching! Rent Now.

  • My Child Delays, Dawdles, One-More-Minutes, And Then Still Screams When It’s Time To End Something!
    Don’t cover up this missing skill! Teach your child the crucial skill of pausing or ending preferred activities! Did you know there are 3 self-control skills/behaviors involved in a successful transition? Learn what those 3 behaviors are and how to teach your child. Rent Now.

  • My Child Avoids (Almost) Everything!
    Does your child tend to avoid or control things? It’s import to address this behavior early on, before it becomes ingrained and truly problematic. Rent Now.
  • “My Child Tackles Children to Take Toys Away From Them!”
    Teach your child to ask (not take) toys from peers or siblings. One of the first skills we teach when we begin a partnership with a new preschool is to ask a peer for a toy. Taking often leads to aggression. So, we teach asking to prevent taking to prevent aggression. Rent Now.

  • My Child Is Always Asking For Something! 
    Capture Natural Teaching Moments With Your Child’s Requests! Did you know requesting is one of the first language skills children develop? Even before spoken words, children are asking for things by reaching, pointing and grabbing. We discuss how to capitalize on these frequent moments of natural motivation to teach your child more appropriate behavior like listening the first time and ending preferred activities. Rent Now.

  • My Child’s Whining is Like Nails on a Chalkboard
    Learn why saying “use your words!” won’t end the whining, and discover ways to overcome this common frustration. Rent Now.

  • Proactive Strategies to Manage Big Life Changes
    Big transitions in life can be difficult for little ones and often create regressions or new behavior concerns. Learn proactive steps to support your child and minimize unwanted behaviors. Rent Now.

  • Mastering the Parenting Art of Picking Your Battles! Are you tired of your child’s constant arguing, negotiating, or otherwise battling your parenting? Do you give in to his/her demands and negotiations to avoid the battle? If picking the battle means an epic tantrum or aggression, it is likely that you need to pick the battle, but in different way at another time. The battle is indication that your child is missing a skill. We will share strategies to nip this pattern in early childhood by assessing the extent to which your child is using negotiation as avoidance, and help you identify WHEN and HOW to pick the right battles! Rent Now.

  • We’re Doing Something Fun! Why is My Child Crying?
    Seeing tears at unexpected moments? Let’s get to the bottom of the behavior and find and some solutions! Rent Now.

  • Morning, After-School/Work, and Bedtime Routines (Oh my!): Is Your Routine Working?
    Proactively creating routines that actually work for YOUR family will give your mornings, evenings and bedtime more structure and success. Rent Now.

  • Who Needs Stickers and Treats? Your Attention is the Most Natural and Powerful Motivator.
    Learn how to use the most powerful (and free!) motivator available to keep your child on track. Rent Now.

  • Listening or Independence? You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!
    You want your child to develop healthy independence, but you also need them to listen to your instructions. Learn the difference between fostering independence and teaching needed listening skills. Rent Now.

  • Don’t Teach the ABC’s During a Tantrum!
    So often we try to correct unwanted behavior and teach the new behavior “in the heat of the moment.” The brain isn’t wired to learn new information when it is firing. In fact, it is designed to actively block any input to PROTECT the child who doesn’t yet have all the skills to begin with. Rent Now.

  • I Expect My Child to Obey and Show Respect.
    Expectation is not a teaching strategy! You can expect your child to learn to swim all day long but if you don’t provide the instruction and opportunity to practice, s/he will not learn to swim. The same goes with behavior. Your child needs to practice the correct behavior and has to be given ample opportunities to practice the correct behavior. It’s not about disrespect; it’s about teaching new skills. Rent Now.

  • “How Can I Help My Child At School When It Doesn’t Happen At Home?”
    Parents may learn what pushes children’s buttons and inadvertently avoid or accommodate those situations. This can be a disservice to your child, as it may mask missing skill(s). Teachers or coaches cannot be as flexible or accommodate your child’s missing skills. You can create opportunities at home to teach missing skills. Rent Now.

  • Establish Boundaries by Teaching Choice Making
    Parents may learn what pushes children’s buttons and inadvertently avoid avoid or accommodate those situations. This can be a disservice to your child, as it may mask missing skill(s). The ability to make a choice when presented with options is one of the first behavior regulation skills to develop in young children. We will break down the skill of choice-making into teachable steps and share how to strategically offer proactive choices to prevent unwanted behavior. Rent Now.

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