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Pretend You are a Light Switch Parenting Workshop

Sometimes we unknowingly reinforce unwanted behaviors, and then try to correct behaviors right at the moment kids are least able to learn. What’s a parent to do? FREE to RENT!

Teach Your Child to Listen the First Time Parenting Workshop

Do you ever feel like you just can’t get your child to listen to you? This is our most popular workshop for a reason! RENT NOW.

The Ins and Outs of Toilet Training Parenting Workshop

Which method of potty training actually works? How do I know if my child is ready? Is there any way to do this really fast? We’ll review the literature supporting our approach as well as tips and tricks we’ve learned from training hundreds of children. A 30-minute phone consult is included with the rental of this workshop. RENT NOW.

Prepare Siblings for Baby’s Arrival Parenting Workshop

Wondering how to help your little one adjust to the new sibling who is on the way? Or maybe the transition with the first new sibling didn’t go so well and you’re looking for a little help this time around. We’ve got you covered! RENT NOW.

Solve Your Child’s Sleep Disruptions Parenting Workshop

Did you know that parents who receive sleep education before a child is 3 months old report smoother roads than those who lack this education? Whether your child is 3 months or 3 years of age, help is on the way! RENT NOW.

Picky Eater to Peaceful Eater Parenting Workshop

Does your child live off of chicken nuggets and grilled cheese? Can’t seem to get any veggies in the diet? It doesn’t have to be this way. RENT NOW.

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You can join in on any of our upcoming webinars for just $15.

These 45-minute webinars happen on the first Thursday of every month, and we’ll send you the power point and recording within 7-10 days of the webinar. You’ll need to download the free (and easy) Zoom video conferencing technology to attend.

Live webinars offer the benefit of giving you the chance to ask questions and interact with Jamie on the subject that is most important to you.

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December 5
How Can I Help My Child At School When It Doesn’t Happen At Home

Sometimes we find that our child displays unwanted behaviors as school that we rarely (or never) observe at home. It can be frustrating to know how to address these behaviors. Sometimes these behaviors arise because we have unwittingly been accommodating our child in areas that they need to build skills. For example, your child may hit at school but not at home. If we discover that your child hits when they are required to wait for things at school, we will probably find that you’re in the habit of not requiring waiting (or similar types of waiting) at home. That is a skill that we can work at in the home and then as a result see improvement with behaviors at school. This webinar will discuss ways that you can work on unwanted behaviors like this, even if they only occur in environments when you aren’t present.

Recorded Webinars:

We’ve recorded some of our most popular webinars so you can watch them at your convenience. To rent any of the following webinars for 90 days, email us at and tell us which ones you’re interested in. $15 each.

  • My Child’s Whining is Like Nails on a Chalkboard
    Learn why saying “use your words!” won’t end the whining, and discover ways to overcome this common frustration. Email to rent.
  • Proactive Strategies to Manage Big Life Changes
    Big transitions in life can be difficult for little ones and often create regressions or new behavior concerns. Learn proactive steps to support your child and minimize unwanted behaviors. Email to rent.
  • Managing Your Child’s Negotiation Tactics
    Do you live with a master negotiator? Learn strategies to reign in this behavior. Email to rent.
  • Mastering the Parenting Art of Picking Your Battles
    Learn strategies to identify battles you should not be picking, when and how to address the important ones, and how to prevent others from happening. Email to rent.
  • We’re Doing Something Fun! Why is My Child Crying?
    Seeing tears at unexpected moments? Let’s get to the bottom of the behavior and find and some solutions! Email to rent.
  • Morning, After-School/Work, and Bedtime Routines (Oh my!): Is Your Routine Working?
    Proactively creating routines that actually work for YOUR family will give your mornings, evenings and bedtime more structure and success. Email to rent.
  • Who Needs Stickers and Treats? Your Attention is the Most Natural and Powerful Motivator
    Learn how to use the most powerful (and free!) motivator available to keep your child on track. Email to rent.
  • Listening or Independence? You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!
    You want your child to develop healthy independence, but you also need them to listen to your instructions. Learn the difference between fostering independence and teaching needed listening skills. Email to rent.
  • My Child Avoids (Almost) Everything!
    Does your child tend to avoid or control things? It’s import to address this behavior early on, before it becomes ingrained and truly problematic. Email to rent.
  • Don’t Teach the ABC’s During a Tantrum!
    So often we try to correct unwanted behavior and teach the new behavior “in the heat of the moment.” The brain isn’t wired to learn new information when it is firing. In fact, it is designed to actively block any input to PROTECT the child who doesn’t yet have all the skills to begin with. Email to rent.
  • I Expect My Child to Obey and Show Respect.
    Guess what? We have the same goals for your family! We just reach them a bit differently. Here is the problem: Expectation is not a teaching strategy. You can expect your child to learn to swim all day long but if you don’t provide the instruction and opportunity to practice, s/he will not learn to swim. The same goes with behavior. Your child needs to practice the correct behavior and has to be given ample opportunities to practice the correct behavior. It’s not about disrespect; it’s about teaching new skills. Email to rent.

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