LESS talking, more behaving!

There is that moment when most of our clients receiving in-home consultation have an “ah-ha” moment. That realization that will ensure that all we’ve taught them will maintain well beyond our 3-6 in-home visits. For some, it is that moment when they realize parenting is a lot of planning ahead. For others, it is the moment they realize that their behavior likely contributed to their child’s current pattern unwanted pattern of behavior. Still for others, and likely the most frequent “ah-ha” moment our clients have is that they TALK TOO MUCH to try to teach their child new behavior.

Think about this…I’m fairly certain your child didn’t learn to engage in an unwanted pattern of behavior because you told them to do so. “Please hit me and scream when I tell you no.” Not a likely scenario. So the chances of your child learning more appropriate behavior with instruction alone are slim.

Children are efficient with their behavior. They rarely engage in behavior that doesn’t somehow serve them. They figure out the most efficient way to get their needs met. They learn when to pull out their more efficient behavior. We have a choice as parents if we are going to allow our child’s unwanted behavior to be more efficient than the appropriate behavior.

Children learn behavior because it benefits them to engage in that behavior. They practice positive and negative behaviors that benefit them. Our hallmark strategy, “Pretend You Are a Light Switch®” teaches you to use your behavior to teach your children more appropriate behavior. This technique, and our other evidence-based strategies, focus on teaching your child more appropriate behavior that is going to compete with the unwanted patterns of behavior. We teach you how to create opportunities for your child to actively participate in learning self-regulation and other social skills when his/her switch is on.

Our goal is to teach you about your child’s brain and behavior development before your child’s behavior is “bad enough.” If you are reading this and struggling with your child’s pattern of unwanted behavior, albeit normal for your child’s age, allow us the opportunity to serve your family! You didn’t have children to endure their behavior. You had children to enjoy them and their behavior! We all just need tools to be successful and we are confident our evidence-based strategies will fill up your parenting toolbox!

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My best in service to you!

Jamie Waldvogel, MS, BCBA

Founder/CEO, Behave Your Best, LLC

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