In-Home Consultation to Parents


If you are like most parents, your child did not come with a behavioral management manual and you are not a behavior analyst. Parenting books can be helpful if you have mastered the science of sifting through the recommendations to identify the ones that actually apply to your child/family. Facebook groups may be a great place for support and encouragement, but a dangerous place to seek behavioral advice. While seeing the advice of well-meaning friends, family members, Facebook friends, coworkers, or neighbors is great for support and encouragement, without a thorough assessment of the reasons WHY your child is engaging in unwanted behavior, that advice is likely to result in temporary improvement in your concerns at best, and can actually make things worse.

Behave Your Best, LLC consultants are Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA’s) and Board Certified Associate Behavior Analysts (BCaBA’s) and most of us are parents of children ages 0-11! We specialize in identifying why a child is engaging in an unwanted behavior. Children are very efficient with their behavior! They rarely do things without a purpose or reason. After determining why your child is engaging in a particular unwanted behavior, we can help you replace that unwanted behavior with more appropriate behaviors. We are also able to teach you simple ways to prevent future unwanted behavior(s). Here are some common concerns we hear from parents just like you:

  • “I have to repeat myself 3 times before my daughter listens to me.”
  • “I have a very stubborn 3 year old.”
  • “A power struggle ensues every night at dinner time.”
  • “I dread bedtime because my son has become the master negotiator.”
  • “My son hits his brother.”
  • “I can’t get my son to eat (food).”
  • “How do get my kids to stop fighting?”
  • “My child wakes up several times throughout the night.”
  • “My child is refusing to use the toilet for bowel movements and is now severely constipated.”

If any of these sound familiar, YOU ARE NOT ALONE AND YOU HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG AS A PARENT!!! These types of concerns are very common with children of all ages and abilities as they experience developmental changes. While the occurrence of these unwanted behaviors is “normal” in early childhood, what isn’t “normal” is when they become a pattern of learned unwanted behavior. We can help you transform even the most challenging of moments into teachable moments for your child!

Behave Your Best strives to disrupt the parenting and early childhood education industries with positive, proactive strategies! When we teach parents about child behavior, social, and emotional development BEFORE their child has had time to practice unwanted behaviors, many of the patterns of unwanted behavior that often develop in early childhood can be prevented.

Are you waiting for your child’s behavior to get ‘bad enough’?

FEES FOR IN-HOME BEHAVIORAL CONSULTATION (fees subject to change at any time)

The number of Consultant hours necessary to achieve parental goals will vary depending on several factors including, but not limited to:

  • The behavior(s) of concern
  • Consultant, parent, and child schedules
  • Frequency/intensity of behavior
  • The length of time the child has been engaging in the unwanted behavior – in general, the longer the behavior has worked for the child, the longer it will take to resolve
  • The extent to which the behavior serves multiple functions for the child – a given behavior may work to get attention from others and make work to effectively escape non-preferred situations/activities
  • Parent ability to implement recommendations – each person has a unique learning style and response to training

Behave Your Best offers a complimentary 30-minute phone call to discuss your families needs and availability. If you live outside of the Twin Cities, Minnesota metropolitan area, you may be eligible for tele-behavioral consultation services. Click here to request more information about that option. 

After you have signed a contract for behavioral consultation services, the first in-home visit involves assessing the behavior(s) of concern by observing during a time when the behavior is likely to occur. We strive to maintain weekly visits with Clients to ensure that we are able to resolve their concerns in as timely a manner as possible.

Our base rate is $125 per hour, with most in-home visits lasting an hour. Your Consultant will present potential goals and begin offering recommendations for addressing the behavior(s) of concern in the first visit. We use discussion, role play, modeling/demonstration, coaching, and feedback to teach parents our evidence-based strategies. Your Consultant will email you written recommendations after each in-home visit.

Although we strive to resolve your concerns in as little time as possible, resolution of behavioral concerns is rarely achieved in just one hour. After 6 years in business, serving a variety of families with a variety of needs, we have data to indicate that MOST families find their needs to be met in 6 visits. As of October 1, 2017, we no longer offer package options, with a reduced rate per hour as we have in the past. We now require all families to commit to 6 consecutive weekly visits (7.5 hours with included Consultation Summaries) for $937. Pre-payment is required when a contract is signed.

In the event that resolution of concerns occurs before all paid hours have been used, Behave Your Best, LLC will convert your balance into a phone maintenance program, which includes 60 minutes of phone consultation per month to ensure maintenance of your child’s behavior gains and your new tools in your toolbox. We require consistent phone contact during maintenance to be eligible for a refund unused hours after 60 days of no use. You may also choose to offer your unused hours to another family in need in our Give Back Program (more information coming soon!)

Our pre-recorded webinars, “Pretend You Are a Light Switch®” and “Teach Your Child to Listen the FIRST Time!” are included in your package, as we have found that when parents watch the “light switch” video prior to our first visit, we are able to get right to the experiential learning we pride ourselves on! While you have a service agreement with us, we also add you to our $10 monthly webinars. You’ll receive access to the recording if unable to make it to the webinars.

Text message and/or email communication between in-home visits is provided at no additional charge. Client understands that text messages are not secure and, despite our best efforts to prevent breaches, privacy may be compromised. Consultants maintain a password lock on mobile devices from which s/he is sending text messages to and receiving text messages from Clients and will not send Protected Health Information (PHI) via text messages.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve your family!