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Free Resource: Pretend You Are a Light Switch® for Educators

Image of brain with light switch on it

Sometimes we unknowingly reinforce unwanted behaviors, and then try to correct behaviors right at the moment kids are least able to learn.

How will this video help me?

“Fight, Flight, Freeze” is a natural response in ALL humans, but is triggered much more often in childhood. How you respond impacts what the child learns or doesn’t learn! Explore how typical brain development impacts a child’s ability to learn social, emotional, and behavior regulation skills in early childhood.

Children aren’t born with the skills they need to successfully interact with the world, so it’s natural that they will display unwanted behaviors as they try to figure it out. But what if instead of helping we are actually making those behaviors worse?

  • Learn the optimal timing for teaching behavior skills
  • Stop unintentional behavior reinforcement
  • Prevent re-occurrences of unwanted behaviors

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Continuing educator credit in your state registry (MN-Develop or IL-Gateways) is available for $10 for this course. PURCHASE HERE!