Q: What is a behavior analyst?

A: A behavior analyst is a person trained to identify relationships between the environment and human behavior.  If your child displays unwanted or undesirable behaviors, I can help you identify why and teach more socially appropriate replacement behaviors. If your child isn’t displaying a skill that you feel he/she should, I can help you teach that skill quickly (i.e., potty training). Since behavior analysts are experts in understanding behavior, we are able to provide parents with valuable, common sense approaches to parenting that maximize teaching moments while minimizing unwanted or undesirable behaviors.


Q: My daughter is so different than my son was. He was easy. My daughter is more stubborn. Can you recommend a book to help me parent her?

A: Because your children are blessed with their own unique individuality, I am not able to recommend a book that will offer reliable, effective advice that matches the unique context that each child brings to the table. I can help you apply the principles of behavior to each child according to your child’s unique needs.


Q: How do I know if the unwanted behaviors my child is presenting are a phase that he’ll outgrow? If I just “weather the storm,” won’t it pass?

A: Behavior analysts are able to determine if there is an environmental reason for a particular behavior, as opposed to a medical, developmental, or physical reason that your child is engaging in an unwanted behavior. In general, if a behavior is continuing, it is working for your child. Many behaviors begin as the result of a bona fide medical condition, but maintain and strengthen because the child has learned that it works. He or she may pass through this phase, but may have learned new unwanted behaviors that he or she may attempt to use in other situations. We have an opportunity to prevent new unwanted behaviors from developing and strengthening.


Q: How do I handle biting?

A: Behave Your Best is unable to offer a recommendation for how to handle biting without further examination of the circumstances surrounding the biting for your child. Behave Your Best, LLC will provide thorough assessment before making any recommendations for behavior change.


Q: Are you familiar with working with parents who use attachment parenting?

A: We take pride in being able to make recommendations that work for a family’s lifestyle, parenting style, and values. I’d say most of the parents we support tend to lean toward the attachment parenting perspective, and behavior analysis is a nice evidence-based, yet individualized approach that complements attachment parenting well. We pride ourselves in being the perfect combination of nature and nurture.