Parent Coaching by Board Certified Experts

Our expert team of behavioral consultants, who offer parent coaching through Behave Your Best.

Training from our consultants goes far beyond the tips and tricks you’ll find on the internet. Our methods are backed by extensive research, and proven by more than 400 families in the Twin Cities alone.

Each member of our team comes to you with:

  • Either board certification or a PhD level of education
  • Intensive training in behavior issues
  • Research-backed solutions
  • Ability to adjust solutions to your child and your family’s unique situation


Jamie founded Behave Your Best in 2011 when she realized that her experience in behavior analysis enabled her to parent with skills not every parent had access to. Her background uniquely positions her to train parents with the tools to parent effectively and without drama.

Watching her skills work in real time at home as well as in the lives of the many families she serves sparked a passion in Jamie to empower this generation of parents. She wants to see parents develop behavioral parenting strategies so they can overcome “normal” unwanted behavior before it gets “bad enough” to warrant further intervention. Jamie believes that with the right tools, all parents can enjoy their child’s behavior!


  • BS, Psychology, Emphasis in Behavior Analysis, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
  • MS, Behavior Analysis and Therapy, Southern Illinois University
  • Board Certified Behavior Analyst since 2003
  • Contracted by parents, preschools, school districts, and counties to provide behavioral consulting and coaching since 2011

Jamie works at the BYB Twin Cities location. Contact Jamie at at


Shanna brings extensive experience training parents, teachers, and caregivers to implement behavioral strategies with both typically developing children and those with autism spectrum disorders. As a parent of three children, Shanna understands the importance of practical approaches that real families can implement at home. As a trainer, Shanna also recognizes the unique nature of preschool and childcare settings and loves empowering these teachers and childcare providers to overcome unwanted behaviors and create a peaceful environment in their facilities.


  • BS, Psychology and Athletic Training, North Dakota State University
  • Experience using behavior analysis to nurture children with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities since 2001
  • Board Certified Associate Behavior Analyst since 2009
  • Behavioral Consultant and Coach, Behave Your Best since 2013

Shanna works at the BYB Twin Cities location and is also supervising the Chicago launch. Contact Shanna at


From typically developing children to individuals with head injuries, children on the autism spectrum, and those with mental health concerns, Alicia’s background and breadth of experience enables her to adjust her coaching according to each family’s individual needs. A mom herself, Alicia loves to help parents understand the dynamics of behavior change and to empower parents to improve the overall quality of life in their family. Alicia believes that parenting can be a joy when families have the needed education and skills.


  • BS, Community Psychology, Emphasis in Behavior Analysis, St. Cloud State University
  • Experience working in mental health, behavioral, and special needs settings since 2002
  • Board Certified Associate Behavior Analyst since 2011
  • Behavioral Consultant and Coach, Behave Your Best since 2011

Alicia works at the BYB Twin Cities location. Contact Alicia at


Erin brings a wealth of experience to her BYB work with families. In addition to graduate studies focused on behavior analysis and many years of hands-on work both in clinical settings and in research, Erin uses these same skills at home with her own three children. Coaching families is in many ways a natural outflow of these experiences, and Erin loves being able to help families develop skills that create lasting quality of life changes.


  • BA, Psychology, Western New England University
  • PhD, Educational Psychology, University of Minnesota
  • Experience working with both typically developing and special needs individuals since 2005
  • Extensive experience helping families apply behavioral solutions to a variety of challenges
  • Behavioral Consultant and Coach, Behave Your Best since 2016

Erin works at the BYB Twin Cities location. Contact Erin at


During her thirteen years prior to joining Behave Your Best, Jessie’s work in home and clinic settings included a heavy emphasis on teaching parents and caregivers positive parenting tools. She especially enjoys teaching young children the language and social skills it takes to get along with their peers and siblings. Jessie lives in the western Chicago suburbs with her husband and three children whose job it is, she says, to make sure she practices what she preaches!


  • BA, Psychology, Bradley University
  • MA, Behavior Analysis, Western Michigan University
  • Experience in home and clinic settings with ages 2-18 since 2005
  • Board Certified Behavior Analyst since 2006
  • Behavioral Consultant and Coach, Behave Your Best since 2019

Jessie works at the BYB Chicago location and focuses on consulting for preschools. Contact Jessie at

“Jamie and her team are professional, kind, and genuinely care about helping parents and children…It truly does “take a village” to raise kiddos, our family is grateful that BYB is a part of ours. Thank you for all that you do BYB!”

– Jill*

*Per the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) Guidelines for Responsible Conduct for Behavior Analysts we cannot solicit testimonies from current clients. You can read more about our practices and policies related to testimonials here.