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Our passion is your success as a parent! Check out testimonials from others like you.

Curious to know what other parents are saying about our services?
Check out just a sampling from our testimonials* below.

  • “Our daughter is a new girl! We both have been successful using the Light Switch with all our kids. The way we parent now is so different than before we started working with you. Our daughter’s meltdowns are SO much better, that is priceless. We cannot thank you enough.” – Kari*

  • “We have worked with Behave Your Best for over four years and in several different capacities. They took the time to get to know our kids, our family, our schedule, the dynamics and our goals in order to tailor plans and tools that were incredibly effective for us. Jamie and her team know their stuff. As parents we’re often guessing and wondering if the way in which we’re handling things is the best approach – having an expert to weigh-in has been invaluable to us.” – Cassie*

  • “We have used a variety of services offered through BYB, big sibling class, webinars, and 1:1 in home. Jamie and her team are professional, kind, and genuinely care about helping parents and children. Our in home therapist was very helpful, explaining and modeling new concepts as well as providing written care plans. Our daughter loved having her over to “play.” We worked hard in between sessions and saw much improvement with our daughters behavior (tantrums, delaying, not listening) quickly. I have recommended BYB to countless people already and will continue to do so. It is 100% worth the investment! It truly does “take a village” to raise kiddos, our family is grateful that BYB is a part of ours. Thank you for all that you do BYB!”  – Jill*

  • “Erin was so wonderful to work with. She is friendly, professional, responsive to our questions and clearly an expert in behavior modification.”  – Laura**

  • “We have 2 children and feel like we’re good parents…but even the best parents can use help from time to time, especially when a new challenging behavior comes up. BYB helped us tremendously!! Anna gave us easy to apply techniques that showed results instantly. We can now approach the day with much more ease, knowing how to tackle problems before they even occur. We are so thankful for these services!! Not only has BYB helped us to manage our sons behavior, it’s taught us a few “tricks” for our elder child as well which has made an overall major positive impact on our daily living. Our home has more laughter than tears now and is a happier place for us all to be!! Thank you Behave Your Best!!!” – Erin*

  • “We love Behave Your Best, the tools are simple to use and practical for all kinds of situations and kid issues. We are enjoying our sweet toddler and so happy we worked with this team early before we were unknowingly reinforcing bad behavior. We have what we need to increase desired behaviors from the start. Our now 2.5 year old says, please and thank you without being prompted, waits nicely, even puts himself to bed sometimes. Thank you for bringing so much extra joy into our lives.” – Rachel**

*Per the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) Guidelines for Responsible Conduct for Behavior Analysts we cannot solicit testimonies from current clients. Testimonials with a single asterisk * are solicited and those with a double asterisk ** are unsolicited. You can read more about our practices and policies related to testimonials here.