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Gentle Sleep Training Testimonials

  • “Well, what do you think? Have we graduated and all my dreams have come true? He napped for 2.5 hours yesterday, slept in until 8 am this morning, and now requests bedtime!”  – Anonymous**

  • “Our sleep routines have improved greatly. Especially with Luke, bedtime routine now only takes 15-20 minutes, depends how long we read stories and rock. But once I put him in his crib, he doesn’t cry and can go to sleep on his own. It is great! We still have some challenges with Tommy, but have seen improvements. We have some new tools to continue to make improvements; sometimes the challenge is for us to be consistent. I would definitely recommend your services to others. Really enjoyed working with you and Shanna! What a neat business you have!”– Kristine**

Picky Eater Testimonials

African American parents excited because their picky eater is taking a bite of salad.
  • “Getting our 2-year old son to eat was a challenge. Sometimes he eats only 2-3 bites he is all done for the meal. In 3 days, he is now sitting with us and eating everything that we give him, yes, veggies too. We learned that understanding the child is so very important to solving any problem. Behave Your Best not only helped us to understand how to overcome our son’s eating problem, but through that method, we gained confidence in ourselves and our ability to handle future issues which we might have with him. It was most enlightening to understand the keys to his behavior. That makes all the difference!” – Anonymous**

  • “Before working with Behave Your Best our busy son would not eat much and therefore had concerning weight issues. Shanna taught us tools to help us get our son to not only eat, but to eat his vegetables! After only two sessions our son showed marked improvement and weight gain at his next well child check up. We have been able to transfer the techniques we were taught to our everyday life.” – Autumn**

Potty Training Testimonials

Toddler on potty chair in bathroom. Potty training success stories.
  • “Got our premature, medically complex, sensory kiddo completely potty trained! Miracle workers.” – Anonymous**

  • “I am an Early Education Director and could not get my 4.5 yo potty trained. She had been before the age of 2 and then regressed after her teacher went on maternity leave. We as a family were at our wits end. Jamie took the time to listen to all of our concerns and then came up with a plan that would work for our daughter. She kept in touch with us to tweak the plan until it worked! Our daughter is now potty trained but is still asking for Miss Jamie to come and visit! As a Mom I am so appreciative of Jamie’s ability to bond with her and to make a plan that worked with her and to not just use a ‘cookie cutter’ plan. Thanks Jamie!” – Tara**

  • “I was at a point in parenting that I had not experienced with my first two children. Nothing seemed to work. I was starting to feel like a failure. Erin’s help with potty training and other behaviors were life saving. The steps she taught me were simple yet so effective!” – Beth*

  • “Our son clearly was caught in a ‘pull-up loop’ that he didn’t know how to get out of (and neither did his parents). But besides conquering that, we’ve noticed a much more confident and self-assured boy since Jamie was with us.” – Amy*

  • “Dear Potty Training Whisperer, AMAZING, UNBELIEVABLE, AWESOME, A TRUE BLESSING!!! Our daughter is almost 5. She would not even sit on the potty without a ridiculous fight. Her anxiety was unexplainable. We tried numerous times to get her to go on the potty, and we had no luck. Jamie was able to connect with our daughter and within half of a day, she was going pee in the potty proudly and then the 3rd day, poop in the potty. Poop in the potty was not even talked about because it scared our little girl so much. Thank you just does not do justice. Thank you and we are forever grateful!” – Christa*

  • “We had tried everything and had spent so much time and on different approaches that ended up leaving us all frustrated…I learned that weekend that it wasn’t so much about the actual potty training as it was about understanding my daughter’s behavior–specifically her resistance. I can honestly say I learned so much more in our weekend than how to get my daughter to succeed on the potty. I’m still in awe that after I tried something for almost 2 years, that someone else could come in and do that kind of magic in just a few days. My daughter is full potty trained and we’re all just thrilled! Thank you!” – Julie*

General Parent Coaching Testimonials

  • “Our daughter is a new girl! We both have been successful using the Light Switch with all our kids. The way we parent now is so different than before we started working with you. Our daughter’s meltdowns are SO much better, that is priceless. We cannot thank you enough.” – Kari*
  • “We have worked with Behave Your Best for over four years and in several different capacities. They took the time to get to know our kids, our family, our schedule, the dynamics and our goals in order to tailor plans and tools that were incredibly effective for us. Jamie and her team know their stuff. As parents we’re often guessing and wondering if the way in which we’re handling things is the best approach – having an expert to weigh-in has been invaluable to us.” – Cassie*

  • “We have used a variety of services offered through BYB, big sibling class, webinars, and 1:1 in home. Jamie and her team are professional, kind, and genuinely care about helping parents and children. Our in home therapist was very helpful, explaining and modeling new concepts as well as providing written care plans. Our daughter loved having her over to “play.” We worked hard in between sessions and saw much improvement with our daughters behavior (tantrums, delaying, not listening) quickly. I have recommended BYB to countless people already and will continue to do so. It is 100% worth the investment! It truly does “take a village” to raise kiddos, our family is grateful that BYB is a part of ours. Thank you for all that you do BYB!”  – Jill*

  • “Erin was so wonderful to work with. She is friendly, professional, responsive to our questions and clearly an expert in behavior modification.”  – Laura**

  • “We have 2 children and feel like we’re good parents…but even the best parents can use help from time to time, especially when a new challenging behavior comes up. BYB helped us tremendously!! Anna gave us easy to apply techniques that showed results instantly. We can now approach the day with much more ease, knowing how to tackle problems before they even occur. We are so thankful for these services!! Not only has BYB helped us to manage our sons behavior, it’s taught us a few “tricks” for our elder child as well which has made an overall major positive impact on our daily living. Our home has more laughter than tears now and is a happier place for us all to be!! Thank you Behave Your Best!!!” – Erin*

  • “We love Behave Your Best, the tools are simple to use and practical for all kinds of situations and kid issues. We are enjoying our sweet toddler and so happy we worked with this team early before we were unknowingly reinforcing bad behavior. We have what we need to increase desired behaviors from the start. Our now 2.5 year old says, please and thank you without being prompted, waits nicely, even puts himself to bed sometimes. Thank you for bringing so much extra joy into our lives.” – Rachel**

Child Center & Educator Testimonials

Smiling teacher hugging three children.
  • “We strongly believe that social emotional skills are the bed rock of a solid preschool program. Children with strong social skills provide for a positive learning environment and lead to happy faculty who can spend their time teaching as opposed to managing.  Our partnership with Behave Your Best has provided our teachers with impactful professional development and individual coaching. Their strategies look to provide positive and permanent change in a child’s development while creating an empowering environment for teachers. We have seen a positive impact on our community because of our partnership with Behave Your Best!” – Mary Sue Walker, The Goddard School of Lakeville*


  • “Behave Your Best has helped open our eyes to providing proactive and positive strategies to helping kids get what they need without resorting to unwanted or bad behavior. When unwanted or bad behavior does happen, Behave Your Best has provided us with tools to teach kids the skills they need to prevent unwanted behavior in the future. We are excited to have a positive alternative to dealing with unwanted behavior that, ultimately, help kids develop skills they will need for the rest of their life.” – Scott Urban, KidsKare at Pine Harbor Christian Church*

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