Behavioral Consultation to Parents


As a parent, do you sometimes wish your child came with a behavioral user guide? Unless you happen to be a behavior analyst, becoming a parent doesn’t automatically come with child behavior expertise. While parenting books are plentiful, they require the ability to sift through for the tips that actually apply to your child/family. Because not all of the tips can be appropriate for all children. Facebook groups may be a great place for support and encouragement, but a dangerous place to seek behavioral advice. Well-meaning friends, family members, Facebook friends, coworkers, or neighbors offer needed support and encouragement. As a result, without an assessment regarding the reasons the behavior serves YOUR child, you’ll likely see temporary improvement at best. Worst case scenario, advice without an assessment can actually make things worse.

As child behavior experts, we specialize in identifying why a child is engaging in an unwanted behavior. We are experts at teaching new skills to replace common concerns like these:

“I have to repeat myself 5 times before my daughter listens to me.”

“I have a very stubborn 3 year old.”

“A power struggle ensues every night at dinner time.”

“I dread bedtime because my son has become the master negotiator.”

“My son hits his brother.”

“I can’t get my son to eat (food).”

“How do get my kids to stop fighting?”

“My child wakes up several times throughout the night.”

“My child is refusing to use the toilet for bowel movements and is now severely constipated.”

If any of these sound familiar, YOU ARE NOT ALONE AND YOU HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG AS A PARENT!!! These concerns are common with children of all ages and abilities as they experience developmental changes. While the possibility of these behaviors may be “normal”, a pattern of learned unwanted behavior is not “normal”. 


Complimentary phone consultation

You will start by requesting a complimentary, 30-minute phone consultation. You will complete a short online Pre-Consultation Interest form prior to the phone consultation. During the phone consultation, we will ask you questions to ensure we are able to meet your needs. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions about our services.

In-home assessment visit

Our first visit to your home functions as an assessment visit. The assessment visit is 90 minutes. Assessment methods may include: interviewing you about your child’s behavior in person or on the phone, direct observation of your family, review of assigned baseline data, direct interaction with your child to model recommendations and ensure your child responds as expected to recommended strategies, and/or record review. Our goal is to leave you with at least one strategy to which your child is responding positively. The fee for the assessment visit is $600. At least one follow-up visit is required. Follow-up visits are 60 minutes. The fee for each follow-up visit is $375. Each family starts with at least two visits and most families find their goals met in 2-6 visits.

The User Guide you’ve always wanted!

After the first visit, you’ll receive written Proposed Goals and Recommendations. Individualized after-visit consultation summaries accumulate throughout the service to create an individualized “user guide” to your child’s behavior. You’ll refer back to this for years to come when new things come up! Our goal is that you learn to recognize new patterns of behavior as soon as they begin to develop so you aren’t just putting out your current behavioral fires. More than that, we leave you with new parenting tools to reference customized to your child.

Tele-behavioral consultation

We will first provide in-home consultation until we have sufficient data to suggest that you can continue to progress toward agreed upon goals with less support. Our next level of support is tele-behavioral consultation via Zoom virtual meeting room. We’ll help you set up a webcam so we can hear and see everything to coach you. We will call you through your phone to coach you through the recommended strategies. Parents use either earbuds or a hands-free bluetooth earpiece. This is necessary part of the program for some families to systematically fade back our support for your long-term goal sustainability. We begin to mirror the conditions of long-term success. Not all families require tele-behavioral consultation. Tele-behavioral consultation is provided as Consultant assessment indicates. The fee for tele-behavioral consultation is $300.

Phone consultation

When we have sufficient data to suggest that you have accomplished your agreed upon goals or when you can continue to progress toward agreed upon goals with less support, we will recommend phone consultation. This process of systematically reducing Consultant involvement is designed to promote long-term behavioral gains and minimize the potential that your new skills and/or your child’s behavior regresses. For this reason, weekly phone consultations are recommended after in-home and/or tele-behavioral consultation visits are no longer required. Phone consultations may last up to thirty minutes. The fee for phone consultation is $250 and includes 2 hours of phone consultation time.


While most families are require 2-6 visits (combination of in-home, tele- and phone consultation), the number of visits varies depending on several factors including, but not limited to:

  • The behavior(s) of concern
  • Consultant, parent, and child schedules
  • Frequency/intensity of behavior
  • The length of time the child has been practicing the unwanted behavior; the longer the behavior has worked for the child, the longer it will take to resolve
  • The extent to which the behavior serves multiple functions for the child; a given behavior may work to get attention from others and make work to effectively escape or avoid non-preferred situations/activities
  • Parent ability to implement recommendations – each person has a unique learning style and response to training

We cannot guarantee or promise the success of our program in any number of visits or weeks. We require prepayment to reserve your preferred appointment times. We use PayPal to invoice, and accept PayPal, credit card, or debit card for payment. In some cases, families are able to seek reimbursement from FSA or HSA funds for our services.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve your family!