It is the mission of Behave Your Best, LLC to empower parents, caregivers, nannies, and early childhood providers in the Twin Cities metro area with evidence-based strategies designed to proactively teach children communication, social, and behavior regulation skills as early as 18 months!

We already know that tantrums, listening, whining, hitting, biting, and throwing things are a “normal” part of a child’s development. While the possibility of their occurrence is “normal,” what isn’t “normal” is when a pattern of unwanted behavior develops. Our approach encourages parents like you to educate yourselves with simple, evidence-based, proactive, and positive strategies BEFORE your child has developed a pattern of unwanted behavior. When we meet families needing support with general unwanted behavior or eating, sleeping, and potty training behaviors, we often find in our assessment that there has been an underlying pattern of unwanted behavior prior to the issues with eating, sleeping, or potty training. What was cute and “normal” at 2 years old, often isn’t resolved at 3 years old and now is annoying and not so cute anymore. By 4 years old, the child’s unresolved pattern of unwanted behavior that has actually been occurring since 2 years old, is now disruptive to the group setting. When then these disruptive behaviors are not resolved in preschool, children enter Kindergarten set up for failure. These unwanted behaviors have worked for that child for up to 3 years now, and may be “bad enough” to warrant professional help.

Are you waiting for your child’s behavior to get bad enough?

But don’t worry, if you are just learning about our approach and your child is already presenting you with daily unwanted behaviors at home or in school, we are more than equipped to help! We teach you why your child is engaging in the unwanted behavior, skills you can teach your child to prevent or replace that pattern of unwanted behavior, as well as how to teach your child those new skills. Our goal is that YOU become the expert of your child’s behavior.

If this is just what you’ve been looking for and want to learn more, we offer each family a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation to answer questions you may have after attending a live event or webinar, or if you aren’t sure if our services are appropriate for your needs. We reserve the right to refuse in-home consultation based on our availability, your geographic location, the nature of your needs, and/or your ability to pay for in-home consultation.

What makes us different?

    • Our team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts understand child behavior and typical development
    • The perfect combination of nature AND nurture!
    • We translate the science into parent-friendly terms and techniques
    • We come to you in your home when the challenges naturally happen!
    • Our biggest tool is observation. If we can see it, we can help!
    • We are equipped to support families with the challenges of typical development, and children with a diagnosis
    • Early intervention for all kids!
    • The majority of families find their needs are met in 5-9 visits to their home.

We have filmed our hallmark approach “Pretend You Are A Light Switch!™”

Children aren’t born with all of the skills necessary to successfully interact with the world so we can expect that they will display unwanted behaviors as they attempt to figure it all out. This strategy is the hallmark of our approach at Behave Your Best so we decided it deserved a workshop all its own! Parents need to be equipped with evidence-based strategies to transform those challenging moments of unwanted behavior into powerful behavioral teaching moments.

We were featured on Twin Cities Live!

We offer our 12-week Proactive Toddler Program three times per year! Registration for January through March 2018 will open in November 2017.

Proactive Toddler Program

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Upcoming Webinars!

Join us for our “We Don’t Park on the Train Tracks!” webinar series in February!

Are you proactive about your children’s behavior? There are situations we can anticipate being difficult: leaving a preferred activity, ran out of favorite dessert, a change in schedule that kids are not expecting, it’s raining, favorite blanket or toy is in the laundry, switch to toddler bed etc. How are you proactively using your strategies to handle this situation that is likely to occur soon, and proactively planning for the future?

Register now! Only $27 for all three sessions! Join us for one or all of them! It’s up to you!

February 7th from 8:30 PM-9:00 PM CT
February 13th from 8:30 PM-9:00 PM CT (with special guest Lisa Bobyak from Living Fully Balanced)
February 15th from 8:30 PM-9:00 PM CT (with special guest Lisa Bobyak from Living Fully Balanced)

Register here: https://goo.gl/jQcdxk


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