"How To De-Escalate Your
Escalated Child"Program

"How To De-Escalate Your Escalated Child" Digital Program

What if your child’s tantrums were few and far between and lasted less than a minute? 

How would you feel if you knew exactly what to do when your child displayed unwanted behavior? 

How different would your day look if your child’s behavior didn’t ruin every vacation, unnecessarily extend bedtime for 2 hours, or leave you feeling mortified when you struggle to make it to your car after a playdate?

How would you show up as a parent if you could flip a switch (see what I did there?!) to turn off unwanted behavior and turn on positive behavior? 

Look no further. You have finally found the system that will help you take your child from meltdowns to smiles, so you AND your child can experience more joyful days and fewer battles. 

“How To De-Escalate Your Escalated Child” is a bite-sized program for parents that have tried everything but have yet to find a strategy that actually works for their child’s behavior. 

"How To De-Escalate Your Escalated Child” is a program for parents that have tried everything but have yet to find a strategy that works. Behave Your Best

What if you found a system to confidently de-escalate your child’s behavior? 

What if there was a way to handle your child’s tantrums without ignoring them, yelling, taking toys away, or putting them in timeout? That is exactly why I created “How To De-Escalate Your Escalated Child”.

"How To De-Escalate Your Escalated Child” is a program for parents that have tried everything but have yet to find a strategy that works. Behave Your Best

I know how hard it is to see your child in distress and you wish there was a way to de-escalate your child’s unwanted behavior with confidence and ease, knowing that it won’t restart. 

Master proven strategies that effectively snap your child out of their meltdowns so you can enjoy everyday life in the peaceful home that you have created, and even feel confident enough to host family gatherings or have friends over, without a disclaimer. 

Right now, you are struggling with your child’s meltdowns, aggressive behavior, disrespectful back talking, or refusal to listen. The meltdowns seem to come out of left field so you are constantly walking on eggshells to keep your child’s “light switch” on. You’ve tried so many strategies Google recommends but have yet to find anything that consistently works for your child’s behavior. 

Imagine how you’ll feel the first time you successfully nip your child’s tantrum in the bud, preventing a total derailment of your family’s day. Imagine how you’ll use that energy once devoted to managing behavior to make happy memories together. 

With our system, you’ll get proven strategies to de-escalate unlike anything Google told you to try before. I share relatable step-by-step examples so you can actually see yourself implementing the silent strategies that will take your parenting to the next level. 

Each time you use the strategies in this program, your child’s tantrums get shorter, are less intensive, and are eventually just a blip on the radar. 

Take away immediate, actionable steps so the next time your child throws a fit because it is time to put the iPad away, you know exactly what to do.

Discover proven strategies whether your child is a fighter, flighter, or freezer.

Lean into evidence-based techniques that are grounded in behavioral and brain science and have worked for hundreds of families before you.

Only $79. Get yours today!

Jamie Waldvogel, MS, BCBA
Board Certified Behavior Analyst
Founder/Owner, Behave Your Best

Meet Your Consultants | Expert Parent Behavior Coaching Behave Your Best | Jamie Waldvogel, MS, BCBA "How To De-Escalate Your Escalated Child” is a program for parents that have tried everything but have yet to find a strategy that works. Behave Your Best

When I was in college, my advisor asked me what I was passionate about. I told her that I wanted to help people. I wanted to help families. I chose psychology and specialized in behavior analysis and therapy in graduate school and prior to children, had the privilege of helping families with children with disabilities. I found it so rewarding to see parents who were stressed and overwhelmed with their child’s disability and behavior learn strategies that helped them embrace their child’s disability as a strength and enjoy their interactions with them.

To say my job was stressful though, is an understatement. It takes a lot of mental energy to train and manage a team of therapists and support clients with special needs.

Like many mothers, I struggled to create work/life balance after I had my first child. As I attended new mommy classes, music classes, and took my son to the park, I watched as other parents struggled with their child’s behavior.

I realized that the years I spent with my clients had equipped me with saint-like patience when it came to my son. I noticed that I used strategies I had perfected with my clients to prevent his “light switch” from going off so that I didn’t find myself reacting to meltdowns while at Target, the park, or music class.

It dawned on me that most parents didn’t have the training, education, and experience that I did to effectively manage these difficult situations. I wanted to hug them, tell them they were great parents and show them an easier, more enjoyable way to handle their child’s behavior. As much as I wanted to help, I am also aware that when a parent’s “light switch” is off, they aren’t in a position to receive support, especially from a stranger at Kohl’s. I realized that I was in a unique position to serve other families. Behave Your Best was born out of these experiences and the desire to balance my personal and professional life. 

“How To De-Escalate Your Escalated Child” is the how-to program that translates the “light switch” concept into actionable steps so parents can minimize intrusive tantrums. This program is flexible and designed to be adapted to your unique situation, child, and family

how it works

"How To De-Escalate Your Escalated Child” is a program for parents that have tried everything but have yet to find a strategy that works. Behave Your Best

You’ll start with a 50-minute video that will show you exactly what to do when your child’s “light switch” is off. Complete with relatable, step-by-step examples, this video will leave you thinking, “Do they know my child? Have they been in my home watching these tantrums play out?”

Remember Suzie, after she watched this video she was actually excited to test it out on the next tantrum. And guess what? It worked! (Valued at $249)


Serving hundreds of families just like yours over the past decade, I’ve discovered the type of support parents need as they learn my system. I’ll send you 6 daily emails packed full of my most impactful reminders, tips, and strategies that have given parents just like you the support they need to take what resonates with you from the video and put it into action as you interact with your child every day. (Valued at $70)

Recognize your triggers and get your “light switch” back on quickly with my printable, downloadable tip sheet, “I Have A Light Switch Too” because an escalated adult cannot de-escalate an escalated child. (Valued at $29)

Use the accompanying printable, downloadable “I Am The Master Of My Light Switch” worksheet to develop your plan to respect your own “light switch” because, I’m going to repeat myself, like you have done so many times with your child, an escalated adult cannot de-escalate an escalated child. (Valued at $29)

Reflect on, customize, and perfect the strategies recommended in the video with my printable, downloadable Silent Strategies checklist. Take a deep breath and fill this out after an episode of your child’s unwanted behavior, until you feel so confident in your de-escalation skills that I should send you a Master’s degree in Parenting! (Valued at $39)

I consistently am surprised to learn how many parents aren’t familiar with box breathing, a way to quickly and effectively lower your heart rate and get your own “light switch” back on. I introduce you to and guide you through this process of box breathing so you have one more tool to help you get your “light switch” back on and keep it on. (Valued at $39)

Reference my printable, downloadable tip sheet, “5 Tips To Talk Less” to remind you to TALK LESS! Download and print this tip sheet in a few high traffic areas of your home as a visual reminder so that you can actually implement silent strategies. (Valued at $29)

Strategically and intentionally use your attention to strengthen your child’s desired behavior and minimize the attention given to unwanted behavior with my printable, downloadable tip sheet, “Doses Of Attention.” (Valued at $29)

"How To De-Escalate Your Escalated Child” is a program for parents that have tried everything but have yet to find a strategy that works. Behave Your Best

$513 value, your price is $79


Most frequently asked questions

Rest assured the strategies you learn in my program have worked for hundreds of families before you. I’ve included tip sheets, case studies, videos, worksheets, and checklists so that you can quickly learn the concepts in my program and begin experiencing the confidence that comes with a program that actually works

As a behavior analyst, I’m trained to identify the underlying reason for a child’s unwanted behavior. I designed this program with the flexibility to be adapted to the unique reasons for each child’s behavior, while holding firm in the science of behavior analysis. Using the information of what has worked for hundreds of families just like yours, I have identified the most important strategies that produce the most efficient results.

As soon as you purchase the program, you’ll receive an email with the video. For each of the next 6 days, I’ll send you an email with your supporting materials, reminders, tips, and examples of how I supported other parents to implement my program.

All of the program materials are downloadable. There is no expiration date on your access to the materials.

It is as simple as starting by watching the 50-minute video. Other parents have told me that they pause the video, take notes when something clicks for them, and write examples of how they’ll incorporate the recommendations into interactions with their child.

Get support as I hold your hand through the process with 6 daily emails, illustrating ways myself and other parents have used this system with our children. 

Do your best to implement the recommended strategies from this program the next time your child displays unwanted behaviors. Then take a deep breath and use the Silent Strategies checklist to reflect on your implementation. Use information from this self-assessment to improve your implementation the next time you have an opportunity to support your child through an episode of unwanted behavior. 

Download and print the tip sheets and post them in a prominent location in your home. Visual reminders can be a great way for parents to go from knowing what to do, to actually doing what is recommended in my program. 

Sit back and enjoy your peaceful home. Smile and make memories with your child. Give your co-parent a high 5!

Why is this only $79? 

I want to see you parent with confidence and create the peaceful home you deserve. I’ve designed this program for that mom in Target who relies on the 5% red card discount to maximize her grocery budget. I’ve designed this program for the parent that has already invested time and resources into parenting programs without reaping the benefits of an effective toolbox and a peaceful home. I’ve designed this program so that busy parents can consume it at their own pace, without the stress of a limited-time offer.

Who is this program for?

This system is for you if you can relate to any of these families:


whose children bicker and push each other’s buttons nonstop throughout the day. Her children’s bickering is like nails on a chalkboard, noise that turns her “light switch” off.

Tiffany and Bill

whose son is biting, kicking, and pushing his friends at daycare. As their only child, they felt it was important for him to socialize with other children. She didn’t consider the fact that he may actually display unwanted behaviors that would limit his social interactions.

Kelsey and David

whose 3-year old melts down repeatedly throughout the day over seemingly minor things, like this morning when they gave him cereal with milk in it, even after screaming yesterday when they served him dry cereal and he demanded milk in it.

Lindsey and Chelsea

whose 8-year old daughter doesn’t listen and seemingly does the opposite of what they say, while looking at them with a knowing grin on her face.

Melissa and Joe

whose 4-year old daughter has recently been diagnosed with ADHD, has ants in her pants and cannot sit still. they were hesitant to use medication to manage her symptoms and read that behavior therapy was an evidence-based treatment for ADHD.

Any parent who has tried everything to improve their child’s behavior, but nothing seems to be working. I am confident this program will be effective for you, even though other programs you’ve tried in the past may have been unsuccessful.

The parent who doesn’t think their child’s behavior is “bad enough.” There is a reason you are still here, friend. I invite you to seek support before your child’s behavior is “bad enough” to disrupt your daily schedules, routines, their social life, or their education.

Here’s how my program works:

Step 1: Purchase the program here for $79.

Step 2: Check your inbox for an email with my video, “How To De-Escalate Your Escalated Child.” Watch the video, take the recommendations that click for you, and start to use them in your routine interactions with your child when they display unwanted behavior. 

Step 3: You’ll receive one email per day for the next 6 days, each designed to provide you with tips and tricks that other parents have found helpful as they implemented my program. 

Step 4: Learn about your own “light switch.” When you are able to keep your “light switch” on, you are that much more equipped to support your child’s “light switch.” The second email you receive focuses on your “light switch.” Review my “I Have A Light Switch Too” tip sheet. Create your own plan with my, “I Am A Master Of My Own Light Switch” worksheet. Share these with your co-parent. Have them complete the worksheet too. Compare notes and identify how you’ll support each other.

Step 5: The third email you receive will include videos for managing your breathing and heart rate.

Step 6: The fourth email you receive will include my Silent Support checklist. Use this to reflect on your implementation of the strategies each opportunity you have to support your child with their behavior. 

Step 7: The fifth email you receive will include my “Doses Of Attention” tip sheet. The goal is to use your precious attention to strengthen the desired behaviors you want to see more of and prevent escalation as much as possible.

Step 8: Parents who have used this program in the past have shared that it is so hard to talk less when their child’s “light switch” is off. I created the, “5 Tips To Talk Less” tip sheet to serve as a reminder while you are learning this new strategy.

Step 9: Print the tip sheets. Post them in a location where you’ll see them often. Don’t have access to a printer? Review the documents from any device. Set an alert on your device to remind you to review these digital resources. 

Step 10: Take a look around your home and smile, knowing you have created the peaceful home you desire and deserve


This is a non-refundable digital program.

Imagine where you could be next week at this time. Your child gets frustrated and starts to scream, yell, cry, etc. You calmly and confidently “Pretend You Are A Light Switch®”, using my system of silent support to get their “light switch” back on quickly and with ease. Instead of bracing yourself for the next round of unwanted behavior, you use strategies to keep their “light switch” on.

Imagine what you’ll do with all this extra time you have now that you’ve mastered these strategies and have whittled your child’s tantrums down to a blip on the radar. Enjoy a board game with your child. Take them on a fun Target run. Hold your head high knowing you are now the expert of their behavior. 

“How To De-Escalate Your Escalated Child” is a bite-sized program for parents that have tried everything but have yet to find a strategy that actually works for their child’s behavior. 

You can take your child from meltdowns to smiles, so you AND your child can experience more joyful days and fewer battles.

"How To De-Escalate Your Escalated Child” is a program for parents that have tried everything but have yet to find a strategy that works. Behave Your Best
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